What is the need of Life Coach?

Life is an unpredictable event full of vicissitudes. One may feel happy at one moment and sad at the next moment.  One may feel having fun at one moment and frustrated the next moment. Sometimes, the change of behavior and action becomes uncontrollable for us and we go with the flow of our emotional actions controlled by our mind. These emotional actions are not positive or negative all the times. It changes like the waves of the sea, up and down every now and then.

With these waves, we lose the confidence in ourselves.And sometimes, we complain that my life is hell. We all can do wonders in our lives, but the thing is we are not confident of our own ability and this is where we stuck and claim that my life is not that good.

“Sometimes, you just need a little Boost to your confidence to make the change happen”- Akhilesh Maurya AKA Mr. Booster

The need of BOOST in the form of a life coach in our lives is just like the need of parents and teacher to teach us. If you want to run the marathon of your life, you’ll require a life coach who can mentor you every time you feel low or unwillingness to your goal. Life coach is the one who guides you in your life, it is you who has to implement the virtues to get what you want.

Life coach are like the GPS who can only guide you towards the right direction of the path, its only YOU who has to walk on that path to reach your destination.

Sometimes, walking on the path doesn’t get us reached to our destination. Because, perhaps, we may not be walking on the right path.

“Progress doesn’t happen only by walking, you need to see the direction also.” – His Holiness, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Life coaching is mentoring the fellow candidates to walk on the right path with the right vision and dream in their heart. A Life coach acts just like the shepherd who guides his fellow animals to walk on the right path to get their food.  

Hence, to achieve what we wish for, in our heart, we need a life coach to show us the right path. But remember, it’s you only who has to walk on that right path.

A Life coach will only tell you that your life is beautiful but its you who has to make it beautiful.

You are the only one who can make your day beautiful by just waking up early in the morning with a beautiful smile at your face and saying,”Yes, my life is just beautiful the way it is”

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