The dusk had fallen, and Aman was still watching YouTube channel in his bedroom. How can a guy be denied by himself to watch ‘Life Sahi hai’, that’s what he said to himself when her mom was yelling at him from the kitchen. He didn’t know how the time was killed so fast and it was 09:30 pm then when once again her mom yelled at him.

‘Mumma! I’m just coming, now don’t begin your discourse please’, he replied grumpily.

Scrolling his Facebook news feed and hitting the like button, reading no post, he was called again by her sister for the dinner.

Aman a boy, who was at his home after a long time from his hostel. He was killing his time on the Internet, lying on the bed and the laptop on his belly. The tabs of Google chrome was all opened and active simultaneously with the websites of Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Quora and many more social sites.

It was quite a hectic task for him to be active on every tab and to watch the episode of ‘Life Sahi hai’ with continuous calling and yelling from his mom and little sister.

‘It’s quite tough to enjoy the life on Internet at home buddy !’, he murmured to himself grumpily. And all of a sudden the chain of his thoughts was broken by a polite voice.

‘Aman beta! Did you check the news today? Petrol price has been reduced by 3 Rs. ‘ his father said politely and smiling, Dad .standing at the door.

‘Okay, I didn’t check Dad.By the way why are you much elated with this news as we don’t have any bike or car at our home ?

‘I’ll burn your these shit electronic gadgets by sprinkling petrol on it, you bloody idiot, don’t you hear, how many times you were called by your mother.’ , his father yelled irritatingly at him with his eyes more opened than normal.

Well ! I don’t know whether you enjoyed this humorous scene or not. I might not have narrated quite well to laugh.

Did you read the title? Not yet? Okay scroll up and read it first.

Fine ! So virtually we are alive, actually we are dead.

Today we are more active on social sites than anything else in this world. Everyone in this democratic nation is free to share his thoughts and views on any topic. Consequently the person who doesn’t know the history and geography of his own street, is trying to put his valid points and views(valid according to him not the others) on International issues.

The folks who don’t know much about politics, is criticizing Kejriwal and many jokes on political leaders.Having the fundamental rights of democratic nation, Everyone is free to share his opinion(often invalid) on the trending news. And people react after updating some posts on social media as if he were nothing but a veteran journalist or any professional personality in that particular field.

People don’t care about their surroundings, about their neighbours but if someone among his Facebook friends visit Quala-lumpur for his honeymoon, he will come to know about that quite well.

If someone has got an accident on road, no one cares about the victim, no one heads towards him to help , instead of helping they take out their gadget so called smartphone and click the pictures and record the videos to update on the social sites first to be appreciated by the fools community so called Facebook folks for his social concerns.

Is it called to be active on social sites? Someone has invented social sites to connect the people, but here everything I’ve experienced is opposite.

Are we alive anymore? If you would ask me this question, my answer would be a big No …. Yes a big No…you read it correct. We are not alive if we behave like the people surrounding us don’t exist. We are not alive if we see someone is fighting with his life and death , and we the aware people so called more socially active people see them and take out our phone to click his pictures and videos despite helping.

Social sites are the virtual platform on which we can remain connected with our acquaintances. But now a days people being virtually alive, are being actually dead in real life . If we keep being active virtually rather than actually, then the day is not far away when it will be proved a threat to the society , nation and for each of us.

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