If one asks me who inspired me to come far with my dreams, who gave me the confidence to step out, my answer will contain one name- Mr. Booster. 

Kanchan Vallecha

Educator, Author , gujrat

He is a person full of positivity, honesty, kindness, wisdom and all the good things that you can think about in life. He is somebody who would always look at a situation in a positive manner and never let you or anybody else ever feel anything negative about yourself or about anybody else.

Sakshi Jain

Student, Chandigarh

We always face many obstacles and problems in our lives, especially in today’s world. We need a motivator, a coach, a friend who helps us to face these problems. In my case, my friend Mr Booster has always been guiding me.  

Rohit Maurya

Educator, Entrepreneur, Mumbai

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