Scene 1: –

It was a midnight, neighbors were sleeping in their bedroom, lovers were enjoying on phone calls hugging tightly to the pillow, couples were enjoying their orgasms, the whole nation was enjoying their nights. There was nothing but only the glittering of glow worm and chirping of owls.

Wearing his uniform, he asked for his belt to his wife. She didn’t get up from her bed to give him the belt, didn’t utter a single word for whatever he asked. Hearing not a single word from her, he looked towards her, she was worried and crying.

‘You don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll be back before our child takes birth. If my soul mate is with me then nothing can harm me.’, he said to his wife holding her shoulders and wiping tears from her cheek.

‘Dear, you know very well that you are going to become a father in next two months, I need you honey in this very hour.’ His seven months pregnant wife was pleading him not to go, sobbingly.

‘I love you sweetheart but my motherland is first, my nation is first. In this war situation, Nation needs me. You are a wife of a brave Lieutenant. Just be calm and be my brave wife, just take care of my baby and yourself.’, he told her wife putting his hand on her swollen belly.

‘Hello baby! See here, your brave mom is crying, please take care of her, I’ll be back soon to play with you.’, touching her swollen belly he put his ears on her belly.

‘Feel….feel it kicked’, he shouted being excited to make her laugh. But he failed, he failed because he was going away from her in this situation, she didn’t laugh because he was going to Kargil War.

‘Shona! For me, my nation is first.’, saying this last sentence he kissed her, took his bag and left the room.

After two months, During Kargil War: –

There in Agra, the rising sun was wishing a very Good Morning to the city. And there in Kargil the War had begun, he was defending himself and the Nation quite well.

On the one hand, he was serving the Nation there fighting against the enemy, on the other hand, his own wife was fighting against the pain of her delivery.

Only a woman can understand the pain during child birth and that even in absence of her own husband. Because if he had been there, his only holding and rubbing hands of hers with love would have been the only alleviator of her pain.

She was crying because of her pain of delivery and his absence both. There at the Kargil war, he was doing quite well, but all of a sudden he was shot at his head by an enemy and what happened the next?

He shattered with bloodshed which our nation calls Martyr. Yes, he was martyred and the moment he lost his life the new life had incarnated on his own motherland. His wife had delivered a second would be Lieutenant, a brave male child.

What would have been occurred at her when she had heard the news of his martyr. How would she have managed her pain(both losing her husband and pain during childbirth)? No one cares at all.

Scene 2: – Viman Nagar, Pune, 2008

‘Uncle … Uncle…I wanna have that cake.’ , a 9 years old innocent boy asked his uncle, getting down from Military bus, Storygesturing towards a cake shop.

‘Mela puttar cake khayega….let’s have it son.’ , adoring his nephew, he held his hands and headed towards the shop.

He took a cake and gave in his nephew’s hand. The boy delighted to have it. He started and tried his best to finish it as fast as he could do. But all of a sudden a mob arrived and asked the boy his name.

‘Mera name Aayushman hai.’, the boy told innocently.

‘Beat them, they are bloody north Indian. Didn’t you hear, he spoke Hindi.’, a young man from the mob ordered to beat both the uncle and his nephew.

So what’s the next, they were brutally beaten.

My question is, why did they beat them? They were beaten just because they spoke Hindi or they didn’t speak the language which the mob wanted to hear from them.

We are Hindustani and on the land of this great Hindustan, they were beaten just because they spoke the National and their mother tongue language

The story doesn’t end here. By the way, who were that uncle and nephew?

Aaysushman, the only son of a martyr lieutenant(martyred in Kargil war, which I mentioned in scene one), had shifted to Pune from Agra for his schooling in Army Public School Kirkee. The person who died for the Nation, his only son and brother were brutally beaten by the mob just because they spoke Hindi and were North Indian at the same time.

Now, does anyone care for the pain of that widow lady, who lost her husband and now saw her innocent son beaten by the mob. No one cares……..?


Aren’t the citizens of India free to live anywhere across the Nation? Aren’t they free to speak in their mother tongue? Is only uttering ‘Happy independence day’ on every 15th August, alright? Isn’t anyone has fundamental rights to live wherever he/she wants to live in the country, despite the constitution entitled so?

So this is what happened in 2008. You can read yourself what actually happened. Here is the link below.

August, 2016

I have been living in Pune since April 2010. What have I felt till today is that whatever happened in 2008 was just the provocation to the public, which added fuel to the flame resulting into a riot based on some regional language.Now everything is fine and the most important part of the blog is ‘Yes, I can say Happy Independence Day’. By the way, I forgot to mention that I love Marathi language and people.

Dear readers!

Don’t take me in a wrong way. I have narrated what I’ve seen and experienced till now.

Your opinions are welcomed. Feel free to share your opinions.

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