Akhilesh Maurya


A happy, inquisitive, incorrigible optimistic and self-inspired guy, Akhilesh Maurya(Mr. Booster) is a Writer/Blogger and an Engineering Graduate from Pune. He is also the founder of the blogging site “Boost Thyself: -Towards a Better Life”, on which different authors and writers from across the Nation, are connected with him to inspire the people by their serene words.

“Don’t call yourself a Writer, if you don’t inspire the people around you.”, says Mr. ¬†Booster. This is the reason, he always tries to give his readers the way to a better life through his self-help and inspirational blogs.

Akhilesh Maurya is also a Guest Speaker, who takes the sessions of Soft-Skills, Motivational and Of Digital Marketing even.  To invite him to your organization or institute, just go to the Invite Menu or drop a mail at erakmaurya95@gmail.com.