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Hi, I’m Akhilesh Maurya AKA Mr. Booster, founder of Boost Thyself and a Life Coach. 

My Story

Hi, I’m Akhilesh Maurya AKA Mr. Booster, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Founder of Boost Thyself. I was born and brought up in a tiny village of Bhadohi District in UP. After High School, I went to Pune for my study and completed my Engineering from Pune University. Belonging to a middle class family, I’ve witnessed the vicissitudes of Life and have always aspired to inspire people around the world through the experiences of my own Life.  A spiritual & incorrigible optimistic guy, I have always been inspired from the positive attitude of my mother. Aspiring to inspire the world since my childhood, an incident became the omen in my Life for the inception of Boost Thyself. The vision of Boost Thyself itself is to inspire people, motivate them and boost them towards a better Life.

My Values & Beliefs

Life is full of Struggle

Life is full of vicissitudes, the bad days will fade away soon and the sun of good days will rise again. We should not be negative over the things, rather face it positively saying – Apna Time Ayega

Character Development is more important than Personality Development

If you wish to leave an impact, start focusing on your character development more than the personality development as the former lasts longer. 

Long Lasting Motivation comes from within

If You want to feel boosted always, search the inspiration and motivation within you. Believe me the inspiration which comes from within lasts longer. 

My Approach

As the quote by Stephen Covey goes like – “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”, I believe in the fundamental paradigm effect in human being.

Listening the story of my mentee thoroughly, understanding their situation and then recommending the best practises to imbibe in their daily routine, I encourage my fellow mentee to search the inspiration within themselves by making them aware of the infinite intelligence of their subconscious mind. I don’t believe in preaching Free ka Gyan to the fellow mentee which has no meaning in his life, instead I focus on the practical routines which he can imbibe in his life.

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