Why Boost Thyself?

It was the month of May and the sun was propagating extreme heat. Bored with studies, I just dozed off taking my book on my face.

“Hey Akhilesh, please wake up, wake up!” Pankaj screamed, trying to wake me up, in my dream.

And the next moment he hit me on my head, in my dream. I woke up and my phone got ringing.

“Hello?” I groggily asked.

“Akhilesh where are you? Just go to Aman’s college, he has done something…” He was not clear in his voice but it was enough to pull me out of sleep.

I woke up, locked my house and went to the parking to get my bike.

Once again my phone starts ringing. “What happened, I’m just going to college itself! Can you just stop calling now?”  I yelled at him.

And the moment after that was the most frightening for me when I heard his next words,

“Bhai jaldi ja na Aman ne kuch to kar liya hai college me…” he went speechless after this sentence as he was on the verge of crying. It made me too afraid and I went to college as it is near to my place.

But I didn’t find anything or anyone there and called him back.

“Bro, what happened? There’s nothing here”, I told him in an irritated tone.

“Just go to Government hospital. Aman is there.” And now he wasn’t just on the verge of crying, but he literally was crying.

I started my bike and went straight to Government hospital, and inquired about Aman there. And, the very next moment I was fired with a bunch of questions by a middle-aged man.

“Who was Aman to you? What was he doing?” His past tense sentences frightened me and I went speechless. Somehow I recollected myself to ask about Aman’s whereabouts.

“Aman killed himself!”

On hearing this sentence, tears rolled down my cheeks. And then I started firing questions at him. But instead of responding to my questions, he ushered me to a deserted area where there was only one room. He didn’t open the locked room, instead, he showed me the way of side windows and I instantly headed there.

 It was kind of creepy, as I had never seen this before. Glancing from the window, I saw Aman, who was sound asleep. His face had turned a shade of black darker than coal. His limbs were motionless. I shuddered to see that, but why did it make me shudder today? Am I dreaming? Or is Aman playing a prank with me? What’s going on God? Am I really dreaming? Oh God, let it be a dream only! I can’t bear this. I can’t see him in this situation.

Aman, a good friend of mine, had killed himself.

Yes, he committed suicide.


We all know- Stress, tension, frustration and what not.

He was the kind of guy who had promised me to never drink or smoke. He was an altruistic guy, who used to always be sad, seeing the sufferings of others. But how did he become a coward and committed such kind of act that he himself called cowardice?

Even today I shuddered to think of that moment. Yes, I was aware of his sufferings that he used to be in stress regarding his exams. I was aware of his every action but why didn’t I have any clue regarding this drastic a measure?

I started cursing myself that I couldn’t relieve his sufferings, I couldn’t make him positive. But after that incident, I understood something, “If you spare some of your time to a person who is tensed and worried, he would never commit such an act. Just be with him, listen to his problems and make him positive.”

And then I came up with an idea to start something that can alleviate the sufferings of people, and that can boost someone towards a better and positive life.

Everyone, directly or indirectly connected with me asks, “Why Boost Thyself? What is it all about?”


So here’s your answer:-

Boost Thyself is a venture where writers from different cities boost people towards a better life. Not only through blogs, but we also boost people with the help of short tales, quotes, and even motivational videos. We want to inspire everyone so that they follow their passion.

When you feel down or stressed just pack your bags and leave for a vacation. And travel, not just tour! Explore this beautiful world, explore the Nature’s beauty.

“This life is very beautiful my dear friend, you just need to get a little boost in your life to make it more beautiful.”


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