You need to live not to just survive!

Mind, Thoughts, Facts.

Well big words, aren’t they? And never aligned (at least for me) or rather we keep juggling to align them all the time and then we try to find happiness and peace. Then we get stuck with thoughts, bitter truths and somehow manage to keep ourselves grounded and try to bring focus to our life.

Focus! On what? We don’t know! Something which keeps changing and well it’s not changing because we achieved the first goal. It changes as per age or situation or some thought!

So more or less, have you got what I am trying to say? Are we on the same page? Do you hear these lines very often. Well, I do hear them, and all who are working in corporates, might hear these as well or service sector folks. And all those who are stuck in that rat race where goal is not known but competition exists, politics exists and no one can shy away from that! That’s a fact so better accept it, and then a thought comes, ‘Why am I in this rat race? Am I not happy in what I am doing currently? Is it mandatory that I have to get promoted every next year? Is it that the skill that I had earlier is no more valuable, and I have to keep learning and unlearning new skills? Till when? Till I retire or the organization says we don’t need you anymore or I am not fit for this because this is not my liking however, this is how I earn money. Voila! The answer is Money, but I can earn it without getting promoted or without competition too, isn’t it?’

Alive or just Surviving

A big NO! Because someone keeps a watch on you to find your replacement. Why? Don’t they have another job to do or that’s their job? Gosh! Where are we stuck? And how can we find happiness out of all this?

And now, there are some new voices around. Find friends at your workplace and then they come up with engagement with the organization and I am not sure whether all this works towards making us work or make us like work which we really don’t or fight odds at the workplace. And then, some people give it a name as the midlife crisis.

So I am sure, everyone might think once in a while whether am I doing right job or doing things which I like? I have already crossed 30’s or 40’s and still stuck doing something which I am not really enjoying. If you are not thinking this, you are really blessed to be in a profession which is your hobby or your passion too. However, if you are the one who keeps thinking this, please take a pause.

May be, a week leave from work! I am sure even if you can’t manage to quit your job next moment you can surely manage to take leave.

Take out that time.

Write down your hobbies or your passion. Why? Well, that’s how you will get a little bit of certainty because when it’s only in mind you may only end up watching tv, listening to music, waking up late. Just be lazy for the whole week and at the end of your leave, you will again drag yourself to work saying, “What a week wasted and whole lot work and now, I have to do overtime!”


So take a deep breath. Pen down your hobbies. How would you really like to spend your time if you weren’t working or you didn’t have pressure to earn money. (You are born with silver spoon! Imagine karne main kya jaata hai) And once you write it, there might be few scribbles, few to be stricken out as they are not the ones which you really want to do.

And, yes you got the list to do!

Surely, there is smile on your face.

So read the list again and, find which is that one thing which can be easily managed the very next day, and this week when you are on a leave.  Something like just sitting, watching a movie or just sipping tea while reading newspaper and no one bothering you. Maybe at some resort or near a lake or the balcony of your house.

Just go ahead and do it! One tickmark!

Don’t you feel good?

There might be a few in the list where you need to talk to few people, search nearby locations, google search something like learning to drive, learning to sing, learning to skate or going for a trek, finding a group with similar hobbies etc.

Go ahead! Keep a target date and well don’t think it’s too late or if you are at the right age, or what would people say. Please don’t trouble yourself with these questions.

Just do it. It’s your life! And you should be happy and content with what you have done in your life. Well, what you do for others, is their choice whether to remember or forget, but what you do for yourself, you will always cherish.

Sometimes you get a friend or partner or parents who supports you in your journey. Sometimes it’s against their wish but it’s okay!

Certain decisions are wrong but, you can always learn from it. Somethings can’t be reversed or changed. Time gone can’t be brought back but there’s still time, time till you are living.

Live life the way you want! Do things you like!

Yes live, don’t just survive!

Live the journey called life and, Smile!

And hey, well, what about my job? My work and my money? Well, it’s there. So enjoy. Relax. You are still learning. Be happy that you still have potential to earn and learn.

The whole thing is that along with work, along with your duties towards your family, along with friends and family time, do manage your “ME” time.

And you will be Happy about your Life, your Journey!


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