Would You Dare to Fail?

When I was first told, that this blog is going to be about self-help and inspiration, all that was running in my mind was – ‘How am I, a 21 year old, going to help anyone who have been through more than what I have? How is my work going to help them? Will my writings ever inspire them? With so many professional writers out there how are my words going to make a difference?’

And so, for a week I was confused, muddled, disheartened for what if I didn’t do it justice? And all the ‘what-ifs’ that I’d pushed to the back of my mind came resurfacing all over again! When finally, a few hours before I had to hand in my blog I decided to start by telling you all what I know.

We are people, and we experience different struggles. Some are going through a bad phase, a bad marriage, work overload at office, anxiety, depression, confusion, some can’t find the motivation to wake up in the mornings, while some others can’t seem to sleep at night.

Most of us, have experienced one thing in common and that is failure.

We are so afraid to fail, that we are even afraid to try. Every person before doing something great has said in the mind – Screw it, I DON’T CARE!

And they flew to the sky and back.

dare to fail

Failure is not age-bound

I know someone who failed the 3rd standard and is now running a 100cr company. I know someone who lost everything from his company to marriage, to health and came up with another idea, at the age when normal people retire.

Failure is not mainly because of lack of effort. But, there come a lot of circumstances surrounding it. They are the main reason not many people step out of their comfort zone to achieve that one thing they always wanted to! For they are afraid they might lose what they have and never want to experiment!

Had Shri Narendra Modiji not strived to remove his ‘chaiwala’ tag, would we have a great Prime Minister?
Amitabh Bachchanji himself, was told once he could never be famous because of his obnoxious voice.
Einstein’s principal removed him from school because he was mentally challenged.
And this list is endless.

But, I understand your concern. Not everyone can be Amitabh Bachchan or Narendra Modi, or Albert Einstein, and the best thing that you can be is YOU. Failure is tabooed especially when it comes to a country like India. Where everytime you fail at something, four hands will be pointing to that one ‘Sharmaji ka ladka’ who will always do better than you, no matter what.

Which brings me to my next point-

Everyone is not created equal. Not even your two hands; one is slightly bigger than the other.
So how do you expect the minds of two human beings to be exactly the same when even the left and right brain functions are not?

How can you expect everyone to excel in academics?

Right from childhood, we are put in an institution where we are told what to study. Our curriculum is entirely academic and the people who suffer most because of this, are artists. They have to perform well as a child, in academics, or else once they grow up, they can’t pursue what they want. While that is changing in the recent years, the taboo still remains.

Why can’t an artist have the same status in this society than someone who is good at academics? Why are the considered any less of a person? I mean, have you ever tried painting anything? Drawing? Writing? Creating music?

Yes? How was it? Better than Pablo Picasso or George R.R Martin or Jeffrey Archer or Durjoy Dutta or Chris Martin or Javed Akhtar? No?

Dare to fail

Do you know what it takes?

And who measures whether you have failed?

Who measures what have you not achieved?

So, if you aren’t as successful as Ambani, are you a failure?

If you aren’t as successful as Steve Jobs,
Are you?

Or is it different categorically or individually, as to the highest scorer in your class is the most successful. And the rest would all be failures.

And if failures would have been renamed to learning experiences, or life lessons I don’t think it would have been a taboo anymore.
Failures teach us more than success ever will, that has always been clear.

It teaches us to be humble, to not be overconfident of our achievements;

We fail, when it’s most important for us to be successful; and so it teaches us patience. We introspect as to how badly we want something and how willing are we to achieve it.

And is it really success if that particular person is a horrible person in real life?

No? What are the parameters?

You have to be a good person and excel at everything you do in your life?

Is it success if he’d stolen something back in his past? If he’d kidnapped, cat-called someone? Molested? Murdered?

Is it success if he has all the riches in the world and doesn’t treat his parents properly? Or his wife? Or kids?

Who’s better as a person?

A successful person who is horrible or a person who has flunked everywhere but eventually is a good person?
How would you judge that?

Did you become successful the first time you decided to do anything?

Do your professional qualifications match your business qualifications?

I know so many people who have degrees that have nothing to do with the current career they are pursuing, because no matter what you do or how hard you try, there is always going to be something that just clicks AT THE RIGHT TIME. Something you may have never dreamt of; it always works out in the end. You eventually reach where you are supposed to, at your own pace.

So what you had to try more than anyone else?

Why are you constantly afraid of ‘char-log’?

So what you edited, re-edited, re-re-edited your life? It rarely ever works out the first time.

At least, you are doing something to change what doesn’t give you happiness!

You are figuring out what makes you happy when you still can, than compromise now and stay unhappy forever!

Failures teach you what not to do.

And that is the most important life lesson ever.

I mean, in a world of so many options, I would be glad to eliminate as many as possible to reach to that one option that is IT.

Failures give you more wisdom and insight than anything or anyone else.
They make you the SUCCESS you will one day be.

Remember as a kid, when you were learning to walk and you fell down a lot of times? Or when you would ride a bicycle and you would always end up in the gutter?

What did you do?

Try again and again and again, till you learned to walk or ride the cycle.

So tell me, what’s stopping you today?

Dare to fail

Because, not failing at anything would mean you never tried doing it and cautiously living is not a life worth living.


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