Why? The question remains the same!

“Hey, Welcome!”

“Where am I?”

“You guess!”

He was standing amidst the clouds and a pleasant smell was spread in the areas.

“Heaven!” he screamed with joy.

“Ummm heaven? You are not right. This is not heaven. But look at the two gates? It will lead you to heaven or hell. But before that, I have some questions.”

“Who are you?”

“Anhaan, I will ask the question, not you!”

He was still in shock, he was cold, he had no idea what was going on. The last thing he remembered, he saw the blue cold water accelerating towards him. He realized he was still wet, and therefore cold.

“So tell me, how come you are here?” the old man asked.

“I killed myself!”

Why? The Question remains same


“hmm… interesting, but what was the need to kill yourself?”

“You, you don’t understand. No one actually understands; they just blame the one who kills oneself. Do you ever wonder what goes inside our head? What pain are we going through? No, you just think about yourself.”

“Oh really? Did you think about anyone else? Who was here thinking about just himself? Tell me there was no one who could listen to you?”

“I, I scroll through my contact in a moment of deepest need and believe that there isn’t a single person who would help me. I… No matter what I do or say, I won’t matter and will never be enough, dark and hopeless, I was in the darkness, there was this tunnel but I can’t find the bright light and I… I…”, he broke down in tears and fell on his knees.

Why? The Question remains same

The old man picked him up, “You said your problem, and you believed that there is not a single person, but there was. Do you think God’s world is so small that there won’t be a single person who will listen to you? That is the problem in this world, they think they are alone. The population is increasing yet everyone is alone.”


He talked with that old man, realized his mistake and was given a second chance, but not everyone gets the second chance. So why don’t we talk while we are alive? We are here to talk to you. Talk to your friend and don’t think that you are a burden on them. You believe that no one will listen to you, believe that they are here only for you. Don’t think it is not possible, It is possible to get away from your dark life, there is a way, There is bright light outside of this tunnel, and you are just looking at the wrong direction.  And when we are lost, what do we do? We don’t quit everything and sit there, we ask for help! That’s what you must do. Seek for help and believe me you will get out of the dungeon and if ever you want to end your life, just ask one question. WHY?


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Siddhartha Chakravarty is 18 years old. He is student of Journalism and mass Communication. Currently residing in New Delhi. He is Ambivert, a bit philosophical psychopath, a blogger, music freak and loves to read and write. He is a daydreamer and loves to live in his own world of imagination, wish to change the world. He writes because he loves writing. He thinks that writing release person from all his tensions and depression. He is a peace loving person and according to him by writing one can find their inner peace.