Why is man suffering in spite of all his wealth?

Sometimes I feel low and then I prefer to live alone so that I could point out the reason of my suffering. If by chance I couldn’t, I come out of my home and walk through the streets to the park. On the way to the park, I see the men running here and there. Few are smiling but most of them look in distress. I don’t know from what melancholy they are suffering. I begin pondering over it.

“Why don’t they look happy despite they are traveling in their luxurious car?”, I ask myself.

I enter the park and begin observing every face. Couples are playing with their kids, smiling to make their kids smile. People are sitting on the bench pondering on the topic I don’t know. But there is the sign of distress on every face. I’m lost in my reverie.

man in melancholy


“Am I also in distress like them?”, I questioned myself.


“Then why am I thinking so much?”

“Well, I’m trying to point out the sufferings of people. I might look in distress but I’m not, I’m just pondering over it.”

Today man has achieved everything. They have reached the Moon even. They have everything, what a man should have. But despite all these possessions, man is still in distress.


“Want Aggrandizement?

Bring humanity in yourself!

Be Humble to everyone!”

Akhilesh Maurya


Can you help me to find out the reason?

Well, let’s see few instances, perhaps that would help us to know the root cause of their sufferings.

Today’s men are fearing from men only. They aren’t afraid of the other creatures, but of the man.

When someone aggrandizes in his wealth, position, post,  glory or honor, he becomes the egocentric. And this is the root cause of his unhappiness and melancholy.

For an instance, a farmer puts the manure into his fields to grow his crops more. But with the crops, many unwanted and unintended grass grow. Consequently, the crops will be beaten by those superfluous grass. But here the farmer is quite sagacious. What he does is before putting the fertilizers again in his field,  he weeds out the superfluous grass. So in this way, he avoids the unwanted growth of the grass which harm his crops.


“Your acrimonious behaviour can hinder your success, be humble to everyone!”

Akhilesh Maurya

Likewise, today’s man is aggrandizing, but with his aggrandizement, there are the jealousy, inhumanity, vanity and selfishness growing.  Consequently, man is suffering from melancholy and atrabilious. The man is thinking of himself only, he doesn’t care for the welfare of others. He has been egocentric in his own wealth. He needs to weed out these superfluous acts(jealousy, selfishness, inhumanity and vanity).

If you want to live the happiest life despite the aggrandizement, then be humble to everyone. Bring humanity in yourself. Avoid the asperity in your voice.

Thank You!


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  1. lavkush maurya says: Reply

    Bhai super…..this blog was touched my heart…acromonius behaviour an hinder your success that’s point is absolutely right

    1. Gald you liked the post bro.
      Thank you

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  4. Kajal Tolani says: Reply

    This is indeed a very lovely article.. So much to learn.. Keep inspiring with your beautiful thoughts knit together in a thread of golden words… 🙂

    1. Thank You, So much Kajal Ji

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    was touched so much after reading this one… really great man… keep it up…

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