“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

“Hope; it is a dangerous thing”, Red said this line in the movie Shawshank Redemption and it has been an iconic dialogue since then.

But, is it so?

Is ‘Hope’ really a dangerous thing? Well, this is a small word, but a heavy emotion.


Imagine yourself walking in the woods, you think you are walking alone, maybe you are.  But your shadow is constantly following you; sometimes you cannot find your own shadow, hidden by different shades. At night it disappears, and you feel angry because it has betrayed you and left you alone, but again when the moon shines, you see a faded figure following you; sometimes behind you sometimes ahead. You feel relieved that someone is there and you feel assured to move ahead.

Coming back to what I was saying, you were going through woods. It is filled with animals; sweet and wild. Waiting to pounce on you. You need to be careful.  At times your shadow will be larger than you, and BANG you are caught. The Cheetah you were hiding from, caught you and now you are dead meat!

So what was the reason behind your death? The Shadow that was with you all the time? You thought you were alone, but it was with you.

Will you blame it for your death?


But what if I say, that shadow is your hope.

Now decide.

This is a crucial time for everyone. It is the time of exams; Board Exams, Semester Exams. There is chaos in everyone’s life. But the problem is, not everyone achieves everything easily. Some have to pay a lot for their happiness. Losing everything is alright; but some, lose their hope. And you know what’s next?

They become a zombie; Living Body in a dead soul.


There comes a time when there is nothing in front of us. The nothingness, null, void in front of us will never let us escape a place we call a ‘dark mind’. It is not that we are afraid to move ahead. But we don’t know where to move because there is nothing in front of us. And that feeling is horrible. So much so, that I cannot put it into words because no words can ever do justice to it. We find a futureless Future in front of our life and we want to step away from it; somewhere safe, somewhere we know where we are headed.

All those out there, looking at their screen reading this, I want to tell you one thing. Maybe Hope is a dangerous thing, but what is the fun if there is no danger? No risk?

Hope is your only friend in this world of distress and sorrow. Don’t lose hope.

If God can take care of a simple Caterpillar, he will take care of you. All you need to do is Wait and have Faith.

Wait for the right moment, and watch something magical happen.


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Siddhartha Chakravarty is 18 years old. He is student of Journalism and mass Communication. Currently residing in New Delhi. He is Ambivert, a bit philosophical psychopath, a blogger, music freak and loves to read and write. He is a daydreamer and loves to live in his own world of imagination, wish to change the world. He writes because he loves writing. He thinks that writing release person from all his tensions and depression. He is a peace loving person and according to him by writing one can find their inner peace.


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