Unfurl The New YOU?

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Thinking you are flawed,

Then change into absolute.

Thinking you are abrasive,

Then change into gladden.

Why to limit you?

When you can create your own hue.

Like a newly blossomed flower,

Show your power.

You are born to touch the sky,

So, dare to fly.

Challenge your capabilities

And make your own identity!

unfurl the new you

If you want to go to a place you have never been to, you need to do something you have never done.

Take flight, fly to your paradise.

A place that you can call your own.

A place you will finally belong to!

Dare to dream,

Because your faith is bigger than your fear,

And your flight will be higher than faith!

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Simran is 19 years old. She is currently doing her graduation in Bachelor in journalism and mass communication. She likes to release her stress by dancing. She likes to write about social evils in the society. She also likes to write poems on the beauty of nature and on life related issues. She writes because she thinks that the power of a pen is thousand times more than the power of a sword.

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