Self Worth

I just want you to see the importance in your love again. I don’t need you allowing the damaging experiences of your past, controlling how you share and take love for your entire life. At times you have to move out from your shell and have faith that there is better for you out there even when you can’t really see it.
We have to realize how to seize our agony and make it into drive. We have to realize how to develop over what we go through so that we can be the better version of ourselves in this life. Stop giving so much control to your anguishes. By no means give someone so great influence over you that, they are making you think about yourself in undesirable ways.
Whether you are in a relationship or not, you must have an outlook that your existence alone will boost the spirits of any room that you get into. Somebody out there is waiting to appreciate your love. Somebody out there is waiting to meet a person like you, so that they can express what it’s really like to be treated the right way. Somebody out there is waiting to create a life with you and give you all you need when it comes to love.

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Kartikeya Chauhan is an aspiring writer mastering his hands on e books on Wattpad. He is currently pursuing his medical studies. He has also contributed his writings in 6 Anthologies and edited one anthology named 'Whisperings of Blessings'. Also, co-authoring a book 'The Talking stories', 'The Last Impel' and an eBook 'Ink - The river of sorrow' He is pessimistic person and a lazy writer. He is a mysterious book, he never lets anyone know who he actually is. His writings often define and justify his thoughts. A person who is good at heart but tries to create a shell around by writing which lets him stay away from reality and live in his dream world. Writing for him is way to bleed his pain with the pen. He aims to create a world of fantasies with his pen in future.

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    Lovely… Thumbs up to this inspiration! Hope this touches innumerable hearts!

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