Some do it for Need and Some for Greed; While, some do it for Deed!

In today’s world where wealth and status are all that matters to most of the human beings, there are a few, who still do things that may or may not please anybody, but surely make a huge difference when it comes to adding on to the good deeds. Good deeds are the actions that we carry out for others with a feeling of selflessness and without expecting anything in return.

Talking about the scenario in today’s world, an average person in any country has a number of fluctuations in his mind. Most of the times he is struggling to earn a living (needs). The luckier ones are scuffling to make a life of their dreams, which is about fulfilling their desires that are less of real life and more of pomp and show (greeds). A very rare of the population thinks in a different way and tries to live a lifestyle which is just enough to fulfill all their required things, including a few their desires as well. But also giving a part of their time and money for the welfare of others, for making this world a better place to live in (deeds).
Well, good deeds are not just actions but also thoughts. If you think right, the right is bound to happen, which we always do for our own selves but not many times for the others around. We should remember, “What goes around, comes around!” So if you think good for others in a similar way as you do for yourself, the Omnipresent is watching you with a divine smile and the counter of your good deeds definitely goes up.

When the life journey of any of our near and dear ones ends, we address them as ‘Swargwasi’. Meaning, the one belonging to heaven. Who knows what is heaven and what is hell. Have they ever came back and informed us whether they belong to heaven after death? No. It’s just that we assume and wish for! We wish that our loved ones should get the divine love for the eternal life of the soul. And we certainly wish the same for ourselves too. So what could really make that happen? It’s the good deeds that we do while we are still alive! It’s the positivity, love and peace that we create in our lives and share with others around.


We really do not know what a heaven is like. So why not try and create a little bit of it here on Earth? Why not do your part of something nice? Something, someone really wants? If I give you a checklist, I could go on and on. But I believe that a small smile, giving ₹20-30 to a Rickshaw-walla on festivals, volunteering at animal shelters or NGOs, or JUST making sure whoever comes to you, goes back with a smile are a few things, that would make a difference, not to you. But in their world. And I am not telling you to do this to land up in heaven, but I do believe the kind of energy you send out in the universe, is the kind of energy that comes back to you.

And, a person who has love in his heart, peace, and positivity in his mind, his life is not less than Heaven!


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Kajal is born and brought up in the arms of nature in a beautiful town like Deolali Camp (Nashik), amidst the love of her parents and grandma, and the company of her younger sister. Her family is her greatest support system and she holds high, the morals taught by her beloved grandmother and the virtuousness of her parents. By nature, Kajal is an introvert and she feels blessed to be one! She admires all kinds of art and loves to inculcate a piece of each of them in herself... She likes to sing, play the guitar, dance, paint, swim, play chess, cook and moreover, to write what her heart feels regarding anything that is touching or she admires or truly cares about. Kajal is that simple person who wants to live every moment of life without wasting a single bit of it on unnecessary things! By profession, Kajal is a Software Test Engineer, hardworking and dedicated towards her career goals and at the same time, she likes to put creativity in her work. For Kajal, success is not only to succeed in career but to have an overall interesting life including the work one loves and enjoys, to have close friends and family around to love and care and to have a generous heart. Because she believes, the thing that defines a person is not what one achieves, but what one gives and does for others. Kajal's greatest belief is that whatever a person dreams of, comes true, provided one has a strong faith and deep desire for the dream to come true, eventually leading the person to live his dream!

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