Living or just surviving?

“And they say, “find happiness around.”
They say, “move on and hang out.”
But how to tell them that your smile was the only thing,
To which my happiness was bound,
My heart is now controlling my mind every time,
Your arms are the only place where that peace can be found.
And whenever I see a shooting star in the sky,
being in your arms is the only prayer of mine,
It’s like everything belongs to you,
And every little thing reminds me of you,
So how to breathe without taking you in,
When you’re in the air I live in.”

Living or just Surviving


There comes a time when we forget what we’re worth and what we really can do,
Sometimes when you don’t realize the spark inside you,
We don’t understand what we are doing and what we want to,
Sometimes we see things in such a manner that we forget that there must be a reason behind this too,
We all are survivors here running in the race of time,
And someone who can make you win this race and survive till the end is only and only you.

We only cling to one out of everything,
that keeps us awake all night long,
Because it is the only thing,
that’ll make us realize the reason that I’m living this long!

No matter how much pain you swallow or bear,
the things that matter are the infinite smiles that we hear!!

All the sights and glares that we two shares,
Are the only things that keep me altogether.
And these are the only things that keep me alive,
the thing that matters is the memories of our life.”

Live for the little things in your life. Live for the 5 am sunrises and 5 pm sunsets.

Where you will see colors in the sky,

That usually don’t belong.

Live for the road trips and bike rides.

When you have music on your ears and wind in your hair.

Live for the days when you are surrounded by your favorite people.Who make you realize that the world is not cold and harsh. Live for the little things because this is what life’s all about.

It is your life, be gentle towards it; there will be a time when you are Happy, dancing in the air Happy; and there will be a time when you don’t know even what the hell is wrong with you.

Can’t the sky even decide whether to be gray or white?

Living or surviving

And a time when nothing is right at all. No one is there to listen, no one for telling how badly it aches inside your heart.

This is life; never the way you want it to be,

But the way it is!

And therefore you gotta live it and just don’t survive it.

Enjoy the little things in life!

Fall in love.

Get heartbroken.

Move on, again stand up and get ready.

Look forward. Love ahead. Spill emotions all over. Find chaos, belong there.

Mess up your life, your mind, and your heart.

But, always embrace HOPE.

Falling in love doesn’t make you weak but strong. Don’t stick to the pain your first heartbreak caused you, but learn from it, and look ahead. It’s your life, your heart, and your body. You have to look after it.

You are your own responsibility and no one else’s. And if you really, really want to fall for someone, fall for your LIFE.

Because love is beautiful,

And loving who YOU are, even more so.


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Aarushi Sharma is an engineering student of Biotechnology, from Amity university Gwalior. She is a published author and Co-editor/Compiler in several anthologies like The Massacred Thoughts, Twisted Fates and Yet in Love, Beyond Life and The Secret Temptation. She had been selected in many other anthologies as well. She's reticent sometimes; laconic often but when she writes she is so open and full of words. Writing brings out her real self out in front of the world.

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