How to stay Happy?: Here are 7 ways to stay happy always

Do you want some Happiness? Well, nobody says no to it. Maybe many of them realized that money can’t buy happiness. Well, there is a legend that says, ” You can live in a place where there is only sufficient water and food but you can’t live in a place where there is only gold and money.”
Happiness is the soul satisfaction and it may be small or jumbo sized. Many intellectuals say that “Doings are the root cause of happiness.” Which is why we are molding ourselves to the happiness according to their perception. The irony is we are depending on someone as the happiness servers.
Here are the 7 ways to stay happy always.

1. Achieve term goals-

As a part of life, we thrive for self – development. In the journey, our inner voice questions us about the self-development. So, spending some qualitative time towards your interests and make sure that these goals are achieved in your early stages. However, these achievements will boost your spirits to achieve something.

“You can live in a place where there is only sufficient water and food but you can’t live in a place where there is only gold and money.”

2. A trip without gadgets-

According to the survey conducted in July-16, 96% people who went for a tour without their electronic gadgets had great memories and happy moments together. So, have a happy trip.

3. Train yourself-

Training yourself physical and mental as well. Yoga, sports and other activities followed by good diet have more impact on brain functioning. In the meantime, try to focus on the positive, let the small things go and smile a lot.

“Doings are the root cause of happiness.”

4. Spending time with children-

No matter how old you are… when a 2-year-old kid hand you a toy phone, you definitely will answer the call. Agree? Try to laugh with them and spend time… trust me you will never regret spending your time with a kid. Answer to all the questions they ask and somehow you’ll find a way to get rid of your stress and find the true happiness.

5. Be what you want to be. Do what you want to do-

Attitude problem? Can’t adjust with anyone? Just be yourself. It doesn’t mean to be rigid. Just act according to your instincts and carry your things with the same enthusiasm.

6. Smile at random people-


Nobody feels awkward unless you smile at them for a long time. Just an eye contact and a smile.. it makes your day and the day of that person as well.

7. Friends-

Last but not least and no need to say much. Happiness comes after a great sorrow. The only person who cling in both situations but always make us laugh.

There are many other ways to pursue happiness. But only some ways knit your soul with happiness.

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