Happy Legacy!

I have a happy legacy.

I asked my mom, “What is that one thing you want that I have?”

And she said, “I want to be happy like you always are. No matter what goes on in your life, you have a smile plastered on your face, and you never let anything get to you.”

And the first thought after she told me that was –

This comes so naturally to me, that I failed to even notice this is my trait, my characteristic. And then I came to realize, that not everyone is this happy.

Which brings me to question –

Why is sadness so relatable?

Why does a heartbroken post gets so many views, shares and likes?
Why is sadness so overrated?
Why when you feel anything bad, sad, unhappy, do you feel the urge to say SO TRUE?
And then you become a little happy as to someone is going through the same shit you are. Someone has put into words you may never have thought that could be expressed so well.

Happy legacy

‘Cuz only after we’re sad do we appreciate the happier things in life.

Just like my favorite quote says, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights.”
Like how there’s a bright day waiting at the end of every dark night.
Is it symbolic?
What harm is there in hoping?
In WANTING to be happy.
In wanting to STAY happy.

No, I am not strong that nothing ever bothers me. It does. I have fallen prey to sadness more times than I would care to admit, but I rise from it like how a phoenix rises from it’s flames.

We can always find something to smile about if we really, whole-heartedly look for it.

The hug you get from your best friend after a fight,
The make-up kiss with your boyfriend,
The ‘I am sorry’ you hear during the make-up,
The grade you have always wanted is there on your paper,
The proud smile your parents wear when you do something,
Something as simple as dressing up before going out,
Someone randomly complimenting your hairstyle,
Coming home to your favorite food,
Or JUST coming back home.

Happy Legacy

Happiness comes at the most random times especially, when you least expect it.

I know when I wrote this article I also meant to say that sadness is equally necessary, because the happier times won’t seem so happy anymore.
But don’t go searching for sadness.

All I know is when you are really truly happy, you spread it to 10 other people you meet in the day, and they carry the legacy forward.
And this same thing, goes for people who are sad, who get angry or upset at minor or petty things.

So let’s begin a search for the happy posts, the happy shares, the feel good stuff and we might even find more things to actually smile about.
And every person we meet, goes ahead with a smile to make 10 more smile.

Let’s turn on the light when it feels we absolutely can’t, and let’s ALL have a happy legacy.

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