Generation Gap!

It was another pleasant morning in my favourite city, Pune. Normally for the whole year, except for a few days, mornings and evenings are very pleasant accompanied with a cool swaying breeze. And being a Delhiite originally, I attach a high value for this type of weather though for Punekars, it’s not so special.

It is my daily routine. I get up early in the morning, finish my morning household chores and get ready for my walk, dressed up in shorts and t-shirt, tighten my shoe laces, tie a pony tail, and take my IPod and ear phones and start from my place.

Normally I walk 4-5 km every day. Hardly 2.5 km from my house, there are hills or rather, very beautiful hills, which attract me everyday towards them! I just want to be near them every day.

The season was rainy, the weather- awesome and luckily at that moment, the rain had stopped for a few hours, may be as if for my walk. I had switched on my favourite music number and started jogging and walking, off and on. Soon I realized that I was just a small distance away from my destination and was happy to see the nice view of sky and hills, dotted with mist.

hilly area


Normally, while walking, I wish with a smile on my face to my known acquaintances or you can say my street smart walking friends. We only have a relation of a morning greet, that’s it. And from the last 2-3 days one face was added in my list, one senior Sikh Uncle, in a white Kurta Pajama, with a good build and a long white beard.

After few minutes, I was tired and had slowed down. On the other side of the pathway, the same Sikh Uncle was coming back, we noticed each other and greeted and suddenly he crossed the road and came near to me. I folded my hands and said Satshriakaal, he replied in the same manner and started talking with me in Punjabi Language, because he got to know that I am a Punjabi too, as soon as I greeted him with Satshriakaal.

In another few seconds, I noticed a senior lady standing behind me; I turned towards her and noticed that this face was new to me. After that Uncle had finished talking, he bade Goodbye to me and left.

Then that lady started talking and told me,” I was watching both of you and stopped here because I was thinking, why has this man interrupted your walk and is talking with you.” This is not good; these people are like this only”.

She gave me some valuable few tips on women safety. I nodded my head in agreement, offered my thanks to her and said Goodbye and then I walked away.

I was very happy for the simple reason that even though I didn’t know the lady prior to the brief talk of today, she still had so much concern for me. I felt that well intentioned people still exist on the planet. She was getting involved in my life without my permission, and I was feeling good, because her intention was good.

While walking, a thought was continuously coming in my mind… is involvement by strangers good or bad? If I would have been in her place, certainly I would not have stopped in that situation. When even my generation couldn’t do it and how can we expect our next generation to find this kind of good natured, well intentioned people, or can I say these type of people with a concerned /helping attitude.

I was continuously thinking, will our youngsters like these type of un-invited people involving themselves in other’s life or will they show this type of concern for others.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the positive involvement and finished my walk happily.


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