Four things that shape my future!

Well, has it ever happened that you are thinking of having kids and the next day you get the very cute bundle of joy wrapped in a red bag at your doorstep? And you become like “Wow, God, you heard me, that’s the baby I was always thinking about!” But the next moment you are surprised, opening the red bag, “Oh, God! You have delivered a wrong package to me. It’s not a human baby, it’s  very cute baby of a donkey.”

“God is always right, son. It belongs to your race. Yeah, it’s donkey.” God said.

God meant to say that, only donkey like people can imagine of having the baby except doing much effort. No one has to tell you what we should do to get a baby. Certainly, we all know it.

The Same principle works with MOTIVATION, PRODUCTIVITY, AND LIFE.

The good thing is ‘we all know what should we do?’ and the bad thing is ‘we don’t want to put that much efforts to execute that idea.’


work hard

I am a great failure and the four things I learned about success are-


1. A human being is the best and you know what, ‘you are one of them’.

Have you ever wondered, despite being physically weaker than other creatures why the human is still ruling the earth? We are born smart. We are the independent thinker and we love to improve ourselves. That’s not our muscle, that’s our brain who made us stand out of the label ‘Animal’.

What people say about you is not important, judging another person is the human tendency, ignore them and just believe on your brain. This nature has given you a very precious thing, a human brain, and you can’t just ignore it.

I always wonder about some people like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam and Abraham Lincoln that what is the common thing between them and us? And the very common thing between them and us is that they all were human, they all started like we did, they all had the same brain as we all have. But what made them stand out of the crowd is their thinking and their ability to challenge the typical thinking of people. So conceive one thing, from today your brain is going to be your boss, so do listen to your boss, otherwise, you may get tired of this beautiful life.

2.Thinking all day won’t work, executing little of that will bring something different in life.

Like I have told you in the first paragraph, ‘I wish I had a baby.’ Will only be a wish as long as I don’t get married. (now who told you that baby only comes after getting married, that’s totally another thing). Dreaming about something is as necessary as you need a fuel in your bike but you just can’t reach your destination by mere pouring fuel into the tank. It needs to be ignited, it needs to be transferred to another form of energy. Then only your bike will be able to take you to your destination.

Work, work, and work. It doesn’t matter how much efforts you are making, it has to be honest.

‘Bulb isn’t a product of continuous improvement of a Candle.’ Think about it.


3. Habits- 

Habits define us. I have seen many people around me who turn to smoker and drunkard just to prove themselves professional.

‘You don’t smoke because you don’t have that much guts.’ A said to X.

‘You are not a man.’ B said to X.

‘Prove your manhood.’ C said to X.


And that X motivated and started smoking. Now any idiot can tell what is the benefit of smoking? Certainly, Nothing. (except, you pour some bucks in your economy.) and now imagine how beautiful the world would have been, if the same A, B & C had motivated you to be a good person as they did you to smoke and drink. Look after your habits. It matters a lot in life. Read, drink lots of water, learn new skills, have enough food, make friends, have a conversation with them, hang out and have enough sleep. That’s it.

4. ‘Failure is success’ and ‘law of attraction’-

I haven’t seen any success in my life yet. Love life failed, the business failed, became Engineer, but useless, got a job but left it, became the writer, but struggling. But I still manage to live, because, for me, my failure is my success. I know I’m drained but what makes me smile is my dreams. I don’t have any doubt on me, I know I am going to be a person of my dream. That’s how the law of attraction works. Attract towards a thing you want.

Dream about what makes you happy. I desperately want an Audi and I always dream of it. I know it’s not that much easy to get it. But I dream, and I dream because it makes me happy and motivates me to work hard (smart). Whatever the situation comes, don’t think negative. Always keep in mind, the law of attraction works. We become the person we dream of it, whether it’s negative or positive.

Dreaming negative will end you as a failure. Dreaming Positively will certainly land you on something great.


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