Are you with your family still, just like before?
Do you stick by each other though separated by a shore?
Or do you hardly know the one you say your sister?
And do you wonder why you seldom talk to the mother?
It wasn’t all this way, I can remember there was a moment…
We’re all together and we were doing fine.
We all have our problems, please don’t get me wrong.
But I can remember a time when life was still a song.
So much has happened to tear us into pieces.
Broken hearts never mended and hatred didn’t decrease.
Once I became an adult and reality knock on my door,
I realized that this was not my so-called family anymore

It is small and broken, some here and there.
Left to wonder who when will I be spare.
It brought a hurricane of resentment from what has become.
The events of this torn home left me feeling numb.
Even though I now have a life that I can call my own
I love my family and I would never disown.
The foundation I’ve built from what I’ve learned.
The feeling of warmth for which I missed.
I once yearned the ways I learned to live without
No stronger than the fire which we blew out
Now I’ve built a flame and it lights up the sky
With a deep devotion that I will never let the fire die
Your family is there, whether you want it or not
It just depends on who you’ve got.
Blood doesn’t make us more loyal than a friend
Nor does it establish who’s there in the end.
Let them go if they just never pulled it off.
Sometimes you find, you always have to have a proof
I never took it straight to the heart.
Just thought of it as two worlds apart.
So it stands today that I feel whole
Regardless of the past that lives within my soul.

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Kartikeya Chauhan is an aspiring writer mastering his hands on e books on Wattpad. He is currently pursuing his medical studies. He has also contributed his writings in 6 Anthologies and edited one anthology named 'Whisperings of Blessings'. Also, co-authoring a book 'The Talking stories', 'The Last Impel' and an eBook 'Ink - The river of sorrow' He is pessimistic person and a lazy writer. He is a mysterious book, he never lets anyone know who he actually is. His writings often define and justify his thoughts. A person who is good at heart but tries to create a shell around by writing which lets him stay away from reality and live in his dream world. Writing for him is way to bleed his pain with the pen. He aims to create a world of fantasies with his pen in future.

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