Don’t loose HOPE!

I.A.S – Indian Administration Services.

They are not only three words for some, but a lifestyle for them!

UPSC conducts this examination every year and each and every youngster wants to crack this prestigious examination in the very first attempt. People who try hard and do a lot of hard work succeed.

It was the Monday morning when the result of UPSC was to be announced and people were waiting for this day. I was just sitting behind a very talented person, but to my surprise, he was not happy and was only saying ‘I am such a loser’. I was very keen to know what happened but, then I realized who am I to interfere in someone else’s life? But to my utter surprise, he asked me if I can get him a glass of water. After giving him water, I asked him, “What happened?” He said, “It was my last attempt in UPSC and I did not get selected, and also my brother is an I.A.S officer and I wanted to be a part of that job.”
I told him that I knew a person who could help him out in this situation. He surprisingly asked me, “Whom are you talking about?”
I said, “Dr.Vijay Agarwal.”
Before I could utter a single word, he asked, “Life management Guru Dr. Vijay Agarwal?”
“Yes!”, I replied.

Don't loose hope

Thank the Lord, he had a phone at that time. Without wasting a single minute, he called him and told him everything.
Since Dr.Vijay Agarwal is a down to earth person he never ignores anyone’s call but it would depend on how available he was. His luck was awesome that the Doctor answered his call.

He told him that it’s not necessary that I.A.S is the only job which would give you respect and power. There are many jobs, and you are well educated because you are an IAS aspirant and a very good speaker. You have deep knowledge about everything. You are an avid reader of ‘The Hindu’ and you are still saying that you are a loser?

Dr. Vijay Agarwal gave him immense positivity and he decided that he will apply for the job of an anchor in the news channel. And now he runs his own channel. And he thanked Dr. Vijay Agarwal for this!

“Speed and Direction are more important in everyone’s life because many are going nowhere fast!”

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