Did you know what star says?

“According to your star, you must become a doctor, not a writer.”

Hi, I’m Aaradhya and I wanted to become a writer but my father took me to an astrologer and he said my star is designating me to become a doctor!
I wonder, how could a star, that is millions of light years away from earth decide my future?

I wonder, how could they map some irregular objects and give them some random name and characters?

I wonder, how they sowed seeds of belief with exaggerating words and make us follow the stars.

I wonder the sun is a star and like the sun the other stars in the galaxies have planets and on those planets, they too believe the same showing the sun.




So, now think, just because some person who told me to become a doctor instead of a writer by seeing at some star, does that destine me to become a doctor? And I took medicine and failed utterly. So, I asked the person who guided me for looking ‘destination fixing star’ to become a doctor and told him everything that happened.
“Beti! You must work hard to become a doctor!”

Oh, wow! I’m doomed once again. He said ‘must work hard’. I clapped at the irony and left the place. The destiny star betrayed me although I followed it.

At night when I was on the terrace, the sky was clear without clouds and the stars are very bright, the moon was the leader of brilliance. I had not thought about ‘The destiny commander’ which lies somewhere in between at the time. It was happiness that had driven me to join the stars and draw a figure connecting stars and I was astonished. Now,

I realized, I drew my own face by connecting the stars. Dear constellations, screw you!
In the day time, I write something that stamped my identity as a writer… dear ‘destiny commanding star’, screw you!
Why are we relying on ANYONE other than our own self for OUR destiny?
As per irony,
The same ‘must hard work’ should be transferred to what you desire and, you will succeed.

If your life is depending on a star, the same star that was associated with many people along with you. But why only suffer?





Different people got different talents and capabilities of the brain. Then why associate it with the same star? The way you work actually takes you towards your destiny. Nobody knows what you think other than you, then why give a chance to others? Are we incapable of thinking ourselves?

Come out of that myth. I can actually see myself when I go deep into my thoughts. But if you take the deviation, then you can just see someone else all the way when you turn behind.

Take a step back from innocence and take a step forward to bloom essence.

Take your own Life’s steering in your own hands or watch someone else drives.



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"I'm gong to become the greatest storyteller ever. With my crew I'm going to share happiness and peace to all those who are in need.." says Ravio. Ravi Gowri Theja(Ravio) was born and brought up in Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh. He is an optimist who loves the interaction with people. He was a silent writer since his childhood but it became his passion after experiencing his inner feelings of confusion and pain. Apart from writing, he loves singing, cooking, and farming. He also says that he feel very happy to introduce himself as a storyteller instead of an engineer.

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  1. Commendable..!!! India has mine of talent but Indian don’t understand the thing is that we have to make our hand dirty in order to handle the mine. Rest for society, ‘a fish just can’t fly, an eagle just can’t swim’ everyone is best by their own way. Nice written.

  2. Vikas Singh Bisht says: Reply

    You have touched a very good subject…. Well expressed. I respect every type of knowledge i astrology, horoscope reading, palm reading, etc. But they shouldn’t define you.

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