Dear Parents!

“Long walk across the oceans, long walk in the midst of air.
A long walk through the tunnels of the earth long walks with my friend.”

Two lines written by a child of 13 changed her fate. The impatient father who saw his little girl writing something random of her own slapped her hard. Nobody knew why he did that. And from that moment, the girl gave up ‘writing’.

The reason is, ‘thinking’.

The innocent girl, who knew nothing about the circumstances in which they lived. The helpless father who couldn’t think about his child’s talent.

That was a homework given by her teacher. The next day the little girl showed her work with trembling hands. Without wasting her time, the mesmerized teacher took the girl and her book to the principal. He called up her parents for an urgent meeting.

Your girl is a really talented child. This is not the correct place for her. Please give her better education in some better school.”

The little girl’s father pressed his hands and tried to convey something.

“Don’t think, sir. She is very creative and innovative with her ideas..”

The poor girl interrupted the conversation by taking the book, that was placed on the table and started walking towards her class. She looked at her teacher who was already looking at her and said, “Let’s go, Ma’am.”  The confused teacher took the girl and left the office room.

Her father started weeping like a child. Principal understood the helpless situation of her father and remained silent.
Alas! She never turned to writing again.

It’s not just her, but there are many girls and boys who give up their dreams, just at a mere age when they are actually supposed to be dreaming. It’s neither their fault nor of their parents. It’s the society that makes them do that.

Dear Parents

Dear parents,

You gave birth to a pure innovator. Let them grow stronger and better. Support is all they need from you. Give your time to know about them, about the true someone who resides in their heart. Do not let them do their work undercover. Either good or bad, if they succeed doing their deed. You are going to regret not being in their life. Your time is what they really want. Responsibility is not just working hard for their better future, paying the fee, feeding them time to time, new clothes, shelter etc.

Knowing about their dreams and helping as much as you can from your side is your responsibility too. If the children of your neighbors, friends, and relatives are good at scoring and earning, it’s alright but never compare your child with them. It’s your fault if you’re unaware of your child’s ability.

They aren’t going to remember the marks scored in science after 15 years but, they will remember the effort, happiness, support and their victories throughout their journey. Give them your time, your attention, your support. Let them become what they really want to. Change starts from you. Do not make them fear from the foolish society in which we are living because if your child is stubborn, this society is not going to stand for him/her. The society will neither appreciate nor give money nor protect you from ail. If you reach a good position, without thinking about your work, this society blabbers that you are a thief. And if you don’t reach anywhere you are treated as scum.

Just think about it, my dear reader.

I changed….. my parents changed…… what about you?


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  1. Kajal Tolani says: Reply

    This is simply wow!!! Not all parents can think like this.. But those who do, they become best friends for their children! 😊

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