Can Dreams be an escape?

Dreams reflect fragments of thoughts from our waking life.

Dreaming can be like reliving a memory or moments from past lives.
Sometimes I dream about things I want to get happened. Dreams usually correspond with the dreamer’s waking life. Mine do.

For example, I’ll dream about someone I’ve been thinking about or talked to.
Perhaps a person or something that inspired me or made some kind of impact on my life.
When I was younger, I used to have bad dreams.
With practice, you can actually control your dreams and even solve problems, in your sleep.
In dreams, there are ways to check whether you’re dreaming or awake.
Using light switches (if it doesn’t work, you’re asleep).
Looking at reflection (might not be seen in the dream).
Flushing toilet (you realize it won’t flush) because the toilet is real, nor the lights, or mirror.
Sometimes I’ll have dreams about holding a balloon, and it’s lifting me up to high but I’m afraid to let go because I’ll die due to the height of which I’m falling from.

can dream be an escape?

I’m afraid of heights by the way.
Have you ever dreamt you were falling, and you wake up before hitting the floor? Sometimes I think it’s because we’re sleeping on our side, falling to our backs in our sleep (the kick, from inception).
There are things we can’t control.
Although we can’t physically change our lives in our dreams, we can use dreams to process our emotions or develop solutions, come up with ideas.

You could find inspiration from a dream.
By writing down the details of your dreams (whether pleasant or not) and using them to figure out what solutions from the dream can be applied while awake.

Of course, there are instances where reliving traumatic experiences seem to only make things worse, and perhaps waking up from a nightmare to problems in real life may be depressing. What I do is constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be alive. Some escapades into your heads, might not be pleasant. The mind is a complex organ, and you never know what your subconscious thinks. You may not even look forward to it. But it’s not something that is in your hands.

Look into your loved ones’ eyes.
Think about who you leave behind in real life when you escape inside your mind.


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