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Don’t trust the dark.

What is dark? According to electron-photon theory, the absence of light is called dark. I had a doubt since childhood. By the way, my name is Aaradhya, and I passed my secondary schooling. And this is what I feel when my friends around me say, that they are in darkness. We must provide at least a CFL tube light to get them out of darkness.
I asked my friend who was crying vigorously. She said, ” Aaradhya! My parents are not allowing me to do anything. They just want me to sit at home and study. I’m totally devoured in dark.” Listening to her, another friend started crying. “Yaar! Don’t talk about darkness. You’ve seen nothing. My boyfriend betrayed me and left me alone. I’m all alone in the darkness.” And they both started quarreling.


“No! I’m in the dark!”

“No! I am!”

I was watching them. I can’t say anything to them because if I say something, and take one person’s side, I will lose the other one.

So, I decided to write something about ‘DARK’.

Why just dark? I have a good point. Because it’s just dark. This darkness that I’ve experienced is during the night while watching TV, and the current suddenly puts off. I feel like going to my room and then, I step on my father’s belt and jump like I’d stepped on a snake. I play football with vessels and what not? I do everything. Also while playing the blindfold game, I feel just the way I feel when the current puts-off suddenly during the night.

Darkness is the absence of light. A human self-proclaimed darkness; he defined that its pain, failure, betrayal, hopelessness, and a pathetic situation. Of course, light means love, happiness, hope, success, strength, acknowledgment etc.

light darkensss

Oh! Is it?

I wonder why darkness and light have these many synonyms.
One day, I saw a boy of about 10 years, who seemed glad to see trees running and clouds traveling from the train. The people around were laughing at him and questioning,

“What’s so surprising to see running trees? Hey mister, show him to some doctor.” His father smiled and replied, “Yeah! We are here after the operation. Thanks to him. Without him, my boy couldn’t have seen this world.” Everybody felt pity for him but after many days I found the same boy crying. I rushed towards him and asked,

“What happened?

He said, ” Aaradhya di! I was happier without these eyes. Many people are suffering for food, shelter, and responsibilities. I feel like they are just living their life to see something bright. This world, that I’m seeing is colorful in the darkness.” I wondered how could a 10-year-old boy look at this world this way.

My friends talked about feeling alone and heartbreak. This kid talked like it is the colorful world of the darkness. I can’t tell my friends or their parents to let them be free, to do what they want, and guy’s betrayal was all past. Don’t think about it. Because we can’t change the past. But with a single thought, we can change the present and future.
That day when I was thinking about the absence of light, I felt two things. But now, after all these incidents, I’m feeling like the perception is completely different.

We can’t see a day without a night and don’t ever feel like the day is forever.
We can’t enjoy success without failure and hard work.
We can’t be loved without the fear of being abandoned.
But we trust someone to give us happiness and love.


Can’t we share that with everyone?

 We are carrying the burden of a so-called past which is useless inside our heart. Can’t we smile now to erase all past ails? We are feeling alone and deserted though we are living in a family or are among friends. Can’t we make some good friends? Bond with our family?

No! We can’t do all these things. The reason is ‘selfishness’.
The blind boy who had never seen anything, enjoyed everything and cried because of some people around, and here we are-

I am alone, I am abandoned, I don’t have this or that… I.. I.. I..
People out there are dreaming of the way we are living.
Don’t trust the darkness that we are facing.


It is nothing.


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