Are we on the right track in our Life?

I still remember the day that has changed my perception about life.

My friend and I were very happy as we had almost finished our official project, which was going on at New Raipur. Generally, we travel to different parts of the country for the official purpose. This incident happened 3 years back.

It was a beautiful night where we could feel the fresh air so we decided to go on a long drive. He took his car and our journey started. We were driving on beautiful roads of new Raipur. We cracked many jokes. Trust me, it was an awesome atmosphere.

New Raipur Road

After a couple of hours, we decided to go back to the company’s guest house. It was around 10:30 pm. While we were returning, we saw a person who had fallen down at the corner of that beautiful road.

As per his clothes and appearance, he looked like he belonged to a good family. So we stopped our car at a stone’s away from that person. We were confused whether to help him or not because it was a very secluded road; anything could happen to us. There was a chance that someone was pranking us. After a lot of discussions we decided to help him. I know you are thinking why we have not called cops yet. This was a very instant decision.

After moving closer to that person we came to know that he was completely drunk and was unable to control himself. So we sprinkled some water on his face and offered him the water him to drink. After few minutes, he started crying while staring at us.

old man

‘Mano wo kuch kehna chah raha ho.’ However, in that situation, he was not able to talk. I said,  “Uncle ji, kya hua aap kyu ro rahe ho? Aap kaha rehte ho? Apka naam kya hai?” Somehow he managed to say, “My name is Ashok”, and then he started crying again.

My friend picked up Ashok’s phone which had fallen down on the roadside. It was a very old Nokia phone. From recent call history, he randomly picked one number that was saved by the name “Manju”. Luckily that was his wife’s number.

My friend said, “Hello ma’am, Mr. Ashok is with us and he is crying. Where do you live? What is your address? Can you please come here?

We informed her of the place we were waiting at. After 10 -15 minutes, she came with one very slim boy on scooty. She looked like a very simple lady. She was wearing salwar kurta with mismatched dupatta.

We thought she would yell at him but that was not the case. It seemed she had something in her mind but was unable to say anything. She said, “Thanks bacho!”, and because of her poor health she was unable to pick uncle up, and was uttering something in her language to him.

“Chalo ghar chalo”, she finally managed to say.

We offered to drop them at their place.  She gave us a thankful look and then we somehow managed to get uncle into our car.

She said, “Bus aage se pehla left, wahi humara ghar hai.” We barely drove for 3-4 minutes before we reached their place. Then she started putting efforts to take uncle out from our car. We helped her to support uncle and walked towards his house. Out of gratitude, she offered us a cup of tea before we left.

My friend asked, “Auntyji koi dikh nahi raha koi nahi hai ghar mai?”

She said, “Yaha uncle aur mai hi rehte hai.

Out of curiosity, we asked about their children as she looked a 55-60 year-old lady having grayish colored hair and little pigmentation on her face.

She offered us a glass of water and then said, “I have only one son, and he is working in a very big company in US(United States)”. You could see she was proud.

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My friend and I looked at one another, and thought the same thing, ‘Wow! Now we have a reference to go to that very same company in US.’

What a lucky person he is!

How much he would be earning!

Those were the thoughts running in our head.

Immediately aunty said, “He has been there since the last 10 years.”

Again we thought, ‘Ab tak to ye crore kama chuka hoga.’

She again said, “He got married, and we have a little princess of 7 years”, but while saying these words, she didn’t have that emotion on her face.

We asked her how frequently did he visit them.

The answer was shocking!

She said, “Beta, he visited here for only 3 times in the last 10 years”. Her eyes were filled with tears but somehow she managed to hide them.

She said his father was interested in making him an Engineer. Because he was born after 5 years of our marriage, we love him a lot and he is our only child.

Mera beta aaj bahut bada engineer hai par wo humare pas nahi hai”. This time she couldn’t resist, and the tears rolled down her eyes.

I said, “Aunty Ji, why are you crying? You should feel proud ki wo US mai Bharat ka naam roshan kar raha hai.”

old lady

“Yes, my child. Being a mother, I am sometimes unable to control my feelings. I asked him several times to shift to India and work here. But he always says that after so much of struggle, he got an opportunity to work there, and his wife and he are settled there. There is less scope in India. Even they have to take care of their child’s education.”

This continued for a while. When it was late, we decided to leave.

We said, “Aunty ji, it’s too late you should also take rest.”

Till date, those moments are still there in my mind.

You never know some words, some feelings which those innocent people missed to express in front of us, leave a deep impact on us.

Here, it is hard to say whose perception is right.  Either the  parents who want their son to be with them during their last days of life, who have a little expectation that they should spend their time with their son, daughter-in-law and with little grand daughter also;


That son who is looking forward to the future of his family and having some dreams which he wants to accomplish.

Let’s think,

Kahi career banana ki race mai hum apno ko to nahi kho rahe?

Everyone has different perceptions about Success. For some it’s Money, for some it’s Fame and for some others, it’s acquiring the balance between family and career.



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