A Guide!

With the sky turning gray and the weather wondrous, my heart blurted out the urge of going out.
“Mom! Shall I go ?” I asked the lady boss.
But it was not that tough for me to convince her.
I took my water bottle, a compulsion and left hastily before she could change her mind.
“I’ll be back in an hour.”
Almost after a month I had got the permission to roam around. No one could imagine how thrilled I was, even with the thought of feeling fresh air.
I had a nice walk and then headed towards a park nearby.
The park was a pleasing one but people did not visit that place more often.
But as I entered the park, I heard a feminist voice as if someone is crying and screaming loudly.
She, a chubby and super duper cute girl in her sixteen, as she seemed to be, sat on the benches behind the big guava tree.
I sat there next to her. She was completely unknown to me but I did not know what made her hug me and say”, I don’t know what will I do now. I just don’t know. Didi, she addressed me, the guy I had trusted upon the most says I am fat, he says he loves somebody else and I don’t exist for him now. He was always my first priority. I just don’t know what to do.”
“Shhhh…You little  girl !” I tried to console her but knew what she was going through and that no word could take away the pain from her, it was she herself who could do that.
And you’re just too immature to handle all this l. I know you might be feeling that why is she intriguing or that she should shut her mouth up and let me cry.
You are just 15 or maybe 16.Think about your future.He called you fat, he had a defect in his eyeballs. Girls turn into the epitome of cuteness with the baby fat on.And wait, we aren’t the bones those dogs wish to chew.Cheer up, girl! What if your daddy darling sees you like this? Won’t he be hurt?
That guy was not the only one in your life. I know teenage heartbreaks change you but the change must be for a better reason. I too had a breakup, that too for the same reason and I completely changed myself not in the way he wanted but in a way I wanted myself to be.
Go read “This” and cry as much as you can.
Just make sure your guy is like Augustus and if not leave. You have your family, your friends and I’m there too. And don’t ever think of losing weight because he rejected you. These are all your choices girl. “
“How do you know I am thinking the same ?” She was surprised to hear her thoughts in my words.
“Listen, girl! I know all the things going on in your mind.I had no one to guide me
You have me. Work on your goals. You must be in 11th or 12th, the most crucial part of your life.
Focus ! Focus on what is more important rather than thinking about that jerk.
And yeah apart from relationships, we people have a lot more to do, our career, our parent’s  dreams are to be fulfilled. You must be feeling like taking away your life so just go home with a big smile and see how happy your parents will be.
Though I bet your mom will get to know that you’re upset, she’ll be happy that you’re smiling.
“If you ever need me come to my home, I’ll always be available. I live in 368”.
“Di, your name ? ” she curiously asked.
“Come to my home someday, you definitely will know what people call me. Take care.”
And she left, with a smile on her cute, chubby cheeks proving that give her someone to guide and her tears might turn into smiles.

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    Wonderfully scripted!! 😊😊
    A great message for all folks in this situation, especially the teens!!

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