A father’s letter to his daughter

A letter to hi daughter

My princess,

Hush now baby girl, and wipe those tears away. It is not your fault, that the guy you love did not know your worth.

Hush now, it is not your fault that he saw a shiny ore and decided to choose that instead of a gem like you.

There is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing you should change.

Let me tell you something you should change. Change the way you think of yourself, don’t lower your standards just because his standards were bedrock low.

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Change the way you live. Those sleepless nights crying over him, do something worth instead.

He is not worth your brain cells and he is not the only human being in this world. He may be perfect, but let me tell you this sweetheart. If he really loves you, why did he decide to leave in the first place?

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Stop questioning yourself. He simply did not want you anymore.

You are the perfect sweetheart. You are not a leaf but a flower waiting to bloom in the midst of nothing, and you are the only thing that could ever give life to this deserted island.

So, keep your head up Princess.

Keep your heels high and your crown above your head.

 With much love,



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Kartikeya Chauhan is an aspiring writer mastering his hands on e books on Wattpad. He is currently pursuing his medical studies. He has also contributed his writings in 6 Anthologies and edited one anthology named 'Whisperings of Blessings'. Also, co-authoring a book 'The Talking stories', 'The Last Impel' and an eBook 'Ink - The river of sorrow' He is pessimistic person and a lazy writer. He is a mysterious book, he never lets anyone know who he actually is. His writings often define and justify his thoughts. A person who is good at heart but tries to create a shell around by writing which lets him stay away from reality and live in his dream world. Writing for him is way to bleed his pain with the pen. He aims to create a world of fantasies with his pen in future.

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  2. […] Also Read :- A Father’s letter to Daughter! […]

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