How I started Blogging!


If Someone reads my blogs for the first time then his very first question to me be, “How do you write and how you started blogging and writing?”

Isn’t it a big question for you my dear reader?

Well, before revealing the mystery of my blogs, I would like to share my schooling days and how did I learn English.

How did I learn English?

For your kind information, I would like to tell you that neither I was from any International school, nor any English medium school. I did my primary education from a simple and typical Government school.  Where there was no any specific teacher. Till 5th std, I learned only Hindi reading, writing, basic Mathematics and a little bit about Sanskrit. Despite having the English subject in our syllabus, we were taught English translation in 7th std. But at that age, everything went above my head. And I ended up learning basic translation from Hindi Sentences to English.

English learning

I completed my 8th std learning the translation of simple sentences like, “Vah jata hai, Vah khata hai, Kaloo ko Kaali ne Chappal se kyu mara? Kallu ke ghar mai ja chuka tha. Premi apne Premika ke ghar par uske abhibhavak ki gair-maujudgi me do din se kya kar rha tha?”
A year passed and I came to 9th class. My Dad called me and told, “Beta, Angreji Sikh lo bahut scope hai.”

English Class:-

I took a coaching class to learn English from a spoken class, but when I went to the first class, I was awestruck to see the other students. Because I was the youngest student, rest of all were double of my age. When I started going to spoken class (not with the intention of speaking English but to learn basic Grammar), people and few of my friends started teasing me, “Wo dekho bhai, Angrej banne ja rhe hai Mahashay.”

And sometimes their innuendo used to motivate me that even if I can’t speak fluently but their taunt will make me spread my words.

I learned a lot about basic Grammar(Voices, Narration, Letter Writing), but in one thing I failed and that was about speaking English. Failure was certain as I was a novice to learn English. One more Year went and I passed my high school with 74% from UP Board. And in UP Board 74% used to be the equivalent to 85-90% of other boards. After the high school, my destiny drove to a beautiful city, Pune.


Pune and my first blog:-

I often used to read the headings in the newspaper, “Amitabh Bachchan ne aaj apne blog me likha…..Salman khan ne aaj apne blog me likha ki unka kisi bhi ladki ke sath koi bhi sambhand nahi hai”

I used to be very curious to read the headings. I thought the blog is something which is for the celebrity only. Meanwhile, in Pune, I had been quite habitual of Cyber Cafe to kill the time on Internet.

On a fine day I was searching for the blog and then I came to know about Google Blogger. I was amazed to read that sentence, “Create your own account to write Blog.”


Writing is not mere putting the words together. It’s the collection of thoughts and emotions which come directly from the heart and inspire the readers. Because, if one can’t inspire the people around him/her, he/she is not a writer.


I curiously went through that and created my account, “Create your first blog.”, It read there and I felt like a celebrity, “Wow! I also can write the blogs like them.”
And I narrated my solo journey to Pune in the form of a blog, with pathetic sentences of English in April 2010. But I was not aware of the things, I left that there and moved on.

Struggle with the Marathi language more than English:-

I got admission in a junior college in Pune. Despite being an English Medium School, I rarely used to hear English. Because every lecture was being conducted in Marathi. For a moment I thought,”Beta Akhilesh, you will have to learn Marathi first to pass the exam.” And to hear Hindi was like an owl appeared in daylight. It was the consequence of my score in UP board and for the first time, I hated the education system of UP, because the score used to come very low. Even being a scholar student you can’t get admission in good institutes in other states. Nevertheless, I tried and started learning English at home.



As I was from Hindi Medium, to study in English medium was like rocket science for me. I went to a stationary shop, “Bhaiya Science ki dictionary hai kya English to Hindi?”, I asked being as innocent as possible. But there was no any English to Hindi Dictionary. I had to buy the English to Marathi dictionary.

I struggled and managed to learn a little bit. Time passed and I endeavored to adapt Pune.


Never leave struggling in your life, the day you leave struggling, assume yourself dead.


Engineering Final Year:-

It was the month of May, after studying for few hours, I got bored. And if you are an avid reader of my blogs, you might be aware of my habits that what I do when I’m bored with the study. Of course, I started staring at walls and the moving fan, hanging on the ceiling to kill the time. All of a sudden I don’t know what happened to me, I thought to write an incident which happened with me during the Police verification of my passport. And I wrote it and shared on Facebook and What’s app.



“Hey, bro why don’t you write it on WordPress, create an account there and publish there. You write quite well”, one of my friend Akshay Undare said, who himself is a writer.

And I’m kind of guy who do the thing instantly. Within 20 minutes I sent him the link.
“You are so fast dude, keep it up.”, his reply came.

And then I started sending the links to almost everyone whom I knew. Few appreciated the writing skills and few pointed out my mistakes. And I love them who point out my mistakes. Because I have always been a learner, a curious learner I’ll say. You can call me an inquisitive guy. With the help of their suggestions and feedbacks, I have been improving my writing since that first day when I published my first blog.


I always ask for the feedback to everyone, because I’m a learner. I want to learn a lot especially English because I always dreamt to study in CBSE Board to just study in English medium. But my dream was not fulfilled and I ended up studying in state board.

So this is my story how I started and the journey is on its way. Still, miles to go. Never hesitate to tell me my mistakes because you know who I am, of course, a learner, my friend.

Keep inspiring me to write more and more. Because the words are eternal.

Thank you so much!


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