How to stop worrying?: A live example which will help you to get rid of worrying.

On a fine day, I got an opportunity to attend the book launching event of “This was a Man” by the World’s best-selling Author Jeffrey Archer at the crossword, Pune. Being a passionate Writer, I was very curious to see him. We(Akshay and I) were just reaching near the Crossword, all of a sudden we observed a young man in his seventy was being ushered to the back of the crossword by few officials. We were amazed to see his fitness at this age of his life. We headed towards the entry gate, purchased the book and entered the hall. Everyone was curious to see him in that houseful hall.

The moment he was ushered into the hall, a cacophony was reverberated with the clapping to welcome him. He got on the podium and everyone stood in his honor. There was the strength in his voice. For the first an hour, he explained about his journey from a common writer to the World’s best-selling Author. Of course, his journey has been quite tough but the story is very inspiring for everyone.  And the next one hour was the Question-Answer session.



In the Q-A session, We observed a special couple, asking the questions to Jeffrey about his previous books. Both of them couldn’t see the world but could hear as they were blind. The lady said that she had read all his(Jeffrey’s) books through the audio book. When she began speaking, I just got up and went looking her. She was damn fluent in English and seemed to be from a middle-class family even. My mouth was just agape to see her happiness that she got a chance to speak with the best-selling author Jeffrey Archer. There was the contentment in her eyes, a serene smile on her face emphasized me to look at myself.

“Look that lady, you coward man! You always complain God or yourself whenever things don’t happen according to you. She doesn’t have an eye to see the beauty of the world but even then she worked hard and improved herself in this way.”, I asked myself.

There are the moments and vicissitudes in our life when things don’t happen according to our plan. And we become frustrated and do nothing but worry. We forget that worrying is not the solution to our problem. As it is said in Hindi-

“Chinta Chita ke saman hai”

To worry is similar to the funeral pyre, it never alleviates your sufferings. It adds the frustration and negativity in your life.

how to stop worrying

Never worry when things don’t happen accordingly. What would have happened to that lady if she had worried and cursed the God that she couldn’t see the beauty of the world? But she chose to contemplate about her sufferings not to worry. And she found the way to read the book.


The more we worry, the lesser we get. The more we contemplate the more we gain.

Stop worrying, start contemplating.

Akhilesh Maurya


She never looks at the things which she doesn’t possess. She admires and makes the best use of the things which she has.

“How to get rid of this worrying?”, people raise such types of questions.

My question is what makes us worry and curse?

Why don’t we just count the blessing of the Almighty for what we have? And if something we don’t have, why don’t we just work hard to get that?



I saw an immense happiness in her eyes when she claimed that she has read all his books by audio book. She seemed truly happy from her heart to meet him. I was just amazed to see her.

Eventually, I learned a lesson, whatever God has gifted me it’s all his blessings and I’m quite lucky to have this all, I shouldn’t curse or complain him when things don’t happen according to the plan or whenever I fail. I should work hard to make things better till my last breath.

“Thank you so much, Almighty to give me everything.”, utter these words and feel blessed always.

Stop worrying, start contemplating.



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