He was standing
at the base of a cliff
She was holding on
   Closer to the edge
Both shaking
Their hearts aching
The ground; a sweet relief
 She closed her eyes, he let go
In her greatest decent from
Ascension, life became death
Memories became experiences
    She welcomed heaven….
Praying that her soul be at rest
  And suddenly…
All became clear
There was no pain
 Only relief
As she looked up into his eyes
Where she remained wrapped his arms
As he carried her off
Into a shining dawn

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Kartikeya Chauhan is an aspiring writer mastering his hands on e books on Wattpad. He is currently pursuing his medical studies. He has also contributed his writings in 6 Anthologies and edited one anthology named 'Whisperings of Blessings'. Also, co-authoring a book 'The Talking stories', 'The Last Impel' and an eBook 'Ink - The river of sorrow' He is pessimistic person and a lazy writer. He is a mysterious book, he never lets anyone know who he actually is. His writings often define and justify his thoughts. A person who is good at heart but tries to create a shell around by writing which lets him stay away from reality and live in his dream world. Writing for him is way to bleed his pain with the pen. He aims to create a world of fantasies with his pen in future.

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  1. Priya Mishra says: Reply

    Heart touching😊😘

  2. Aniket Patil says: Reply

    Beautiful lines. I loeved it reading!

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