How to make your resolutions true!

Hey there! How is your new year going on? Are you following your resolutions, made by you on the first day of the new year?

Well, I’m also trying my best to implement the things which I have written as my resolutions. We, the human being make the note of some resolutions on every first day of the new year. But how many days that goes?

Just a week, a month or the whole year?

Congratulations, If you stick to your resolutions the whole year. Get a treat for yourself on the behalf of me!

Well, everyone pens down his/her things which he/she wanna do this year, few pledge to crack the IIT this year, few pledge to crack the NEET to get into the renowned institute for MBBS , few unemployed Engineers decide to get a job this year and few are there, who wanna live this year as the happiest year of their lives. Have you also written to be happy this year? If yes, Congratulation! Let’s see how to live happily this year. And mind my words, if you are happy with the things that you possess, you can do everything which you want. Be it to crack the IIT exam, CAT exam or any entrance exam. Just be happy, work smart, be perseverant to your motto, have patience, get your dream fulfilled.

But before heading ahead let’s halt here for some points.

Let’s ponder about the reason of failing to implement our resolutions.

Do you become firm to your resolutions?

If you are failing to implement that means you are not firm to your own resolutions, you are not loyal to your own words.

Let’s read some useful points to implement the resolutions:-


  • Be Positive:-

Never lose your hope. Positivity gives you the strength to achieve your goal. To be positive I’ll suggest you to read some inspirational books that will help you to be positive. In the month of May, I was in despair then I ordered ‘My Journey’ book, an autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, which really changed my life.


  • Be Perseverant:-  

Keep doing the things positively being perseverant to your dream and resolutions. Work smart, be loyal to your own words, you are not much away from your goal. People decide their goal but don’t stick to their dream, that’s the reason of their failure. What if you plant a mango tree in your orchard and dreaming of having the sweet mango from it someday, but you are failing to water it daily. Will you make your dream come true of having the sweet mango someday? Never!


Pen down your resolutions


  • Have patience:-

What’s your opinion about having patience?

There are two types of people who have patience-

  • The one who always be patient, even if the things don’t work out accordingly.

I’ll suggest you to be the second one, don’t have that much of patience, that makes you lazy. Be impatient! Isn’t it ridiculous? But this is the right way to achieve something, according to me.


  • Be happy: –

This is what I was talking about in the first paragraph. “Am I happy?”, just ask this to yourself. If you are getting Yes, Kudos!

But what if you aren’t happy with the things you possess, be it the money, glory, post, respect and everything. You will die crying over things. Is this for what you are born on this beautiful planet? A big NO!

“I always try to be happy, but I fail.”, people say. This happens because they don’t look over the things what they have. They don’t thank Almighty for the beautiful body which they have. They don’t go ahead to do the things what their heart wanna do just because what would people say. And this is the reason for their unhappiness.

“Thank you so much, Almighty for giving me this much!”, utter this sentence waking up in the morning with a wide smile on your face. Mind my words your day will go happily.

What are you waiting for? Just come out of your comfort zone and pen down your dream within 10 mins. Just wake up! If you can’t control your this 10 mins of your life for deciding your dream, forget about making it true. I might seem harsh in my words. But it’s the fact.

Hey there! Just wake up and pen down your dream, just give a sweet smile at your dream and utter, “Ooh Yes, this is what my heart says, I will make it happen.”

Be perseverant, have patience, be impatient as well if things don’t happen accordingly, don’t lose the hope, you are not much away to your dream.

Make your resolutions true!

Take care!


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