How do Ola and Uber cab drivers make more money ?

You might be familiar with San Francisco-based Uber and Bangalore-based Ola cab. Uber was founded in San Francisco, California, USA and it provides the services in over 66 countries and 507 cities worldwide. Whereas Ola was basically founded in Mumbai but is now based out of Bangalore. Ola provides the services in 100 cities of India. After coming to the market it has been proved as a boon for the passengers of not only the┬ácorporate world but also for the common man. Our waiting time has been reduced as before one had to wait for a long time for the taxi to come and if it comes on time fortunately then start bargaining for the fare(if it doesn’t have a meter).
Following are some hacks performed by the cab drivers to make more money-


1. Have you ever stuck at evening and booked a cab but with the surging price?

Have you ever experienced the surging in your fare? Have you ever thought about it why does it happen? Well, mostly it happens in the evening or at peak traffic time because at that time demand(passengers) increases and supply(cab drivers) reduces consequently you get your fare surged. But sometimes it doesn’t happen at peak traffic time. You might have observed it at afternoon or at a time without traffic. Because when the demands reduce and there are enough drivers then they outwit with their respective cab company and passengers as well. This is a common hack, all the drivers of a particular region talk with one another and some drivers log out their accounts allowing only 4-5 drivers to be logged in. The Ola or Uber officials checks the rate of demand and supply, consequently, they surge the prices.


2. To book the fake ride: –

Every cab company has provided the packages to drivers, like if they complete 10 rides they will be paid that much money with incentive provided by the company. Sometimes drivers fail to complete their rides and ask you to book a ride to their home. They will also pay you if your payment method is through the wallet. It happens mostly when they return to their home because doing this they will get the fuel charge, incentive and they fulfill their respective packages. And if they have asked you to mark the 5 star after the drop message, they will get the best service incentive also.



3. Fraud using two phones: –

Sometimes to complete their package they book the rides by their own phone and accept the request of ride instantly on the phone (in which they have logged in). Because the more they show their no. of rides, the more they are paid. This is the reason sometimes a driver makes 8-10k a day.

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4. Refer a friend fraud: –

Suppose a driver X is at Viman Nagar and moving towards Wagholi, X informs the direction (in which he is moving ) to his friend Y. Y traces the location and book a ride, and X accepts the request immediately because Ola and Uber have real time tracking. This was done to help the consumer. But the system can be manipulated in such a way that drivers have been able to benefit from it substantially.It happens mostly at afternoon when the demand is low.


5. Outstation fraud: –

Ola has started its rides to outstation also. Suppose you are going to Mumbai from Pune and your estimated fare is 2500 Rs. Out of this amount the drivers get some 700-1000 as their commission. Sometimes the drivers ask you to cancel the ride and offer you the ride at a reduced amount. Doing this they earn the double benefit, they will get their commission as you had canceled the ride and they are getting your reduced fare also.


Dear Readers!

Have you found any other hacks that drivers use to manipulate the system? If yes, don’t forget to share here.



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