He doesn’t like her anymore !

Scene 1:-

It was a gloomy night, the clouds were hovering the sky with the thundering. Soon the thunder converted into heavy rain. The lady was struggling with her pain and the thundering was panicking her, leaning against the walls she walked near the window, the drops of rain fell on her palm as she was taking her hand out to feel the rain. Every word of Mayank was compelling her to worry more than contemplating. “I want the divorce, I’m fed up of you in my life.”

Every reaction of her husband flashed in her mind how cruelly he behaved her when she touched him. She shuddered to think about her relationship. “Why God? Why with me only? What sin had I done?”, she cursed herself more than her husband Mayank.
Recollecting herself, bringing a fake smile that she is strong enough to handle the situation she strolled back towards her bed picked her phone from the table, dialed his number. “The no. You are trying to reach is switched off, please call again later.”, the only sentence she heard on phone. Cursing to her life she cried with the pain. She cried because her husband didn’t come at home early at night to take care of her, she cried because she was suffering from fever perhaps some disease. She cried because her husband didn’t respond her call. She cried because he wanted the divorce from her.





Scene 2:-

“No, darling!  How can you say like that baby, I love you more than anyone else in this universe. I love you from the core of my heart .”, Mayank tried to convince his girlfriend on his candle light dinner when she asked for his married relationship.
“Mayank whatever! I love you but can’t live with you until you don’t divorce that bitch.”, Palak announced her decision to him.
“Well, I’ve asked her to do the same, just wait for some more time, she is not well, once she becomes well, we’ll do the divorce.”, he told her bringing her hand to kiss. But she objected, stood and went away.

Mayank got married to Monika just before two years, but now he asked for the divorce from her. Why? What’s the reason, he wants the divorce? The reason is that he doesn’t like her(Monika) anymore. Before marriage, he had promised Monika that he loved her more than anyone else in this world and now he doesn’t like her anymore. Apart from his married relationship he has a girlfriend, with whom he now wants to be. He never thinks about that helpless lady, his own wife with whom he had taken seven pious rounds to spend his whole life happily.

Sobbing with her pain she came closer to him, lying on the bed. She rubbed his back with love to turn towards her. But he didn’t. “You bloody bitch, can’t you sleep calmly? Don’t touch me ever?” he scolded her.


divorced couple



Well, this is a short tale which I shared with you all. Even you too would have experienced this type of case in your life. But who cares about the woman if her husband leaves him, means she is relinquished from the society. Every one of our society curses the woman if her husband leaves him even if husband’s fault is there. People raise the questions against her character and nature. People call her CHARACTERLESS if she is alone or her husband has left her. But what’s her fault? She had married a young man who had promised to spend his whole life with her. But she was somewhere wrong because she couldn’t recognize his character and nature. The men who ask for the divorce to their lady, don’t care about the sacrifices of women at all.

Respect the women:-

How a woman sacrifices her own life to make his life beautiful. She leaves her own parents and comes to your home to make your own family. She leaves her own surname and takes yours, can you do the same for your wife? Think, think about it! She gets pregnant just because to make your own family, have you ever imagined the pain, a lady suffers during her pregnancy days? No, not at all! Why will you care about those sacrifices because you are Man and whatever you will do is right and that will make you be called as a cool dude? If the man has extramarital affairs he will be cool and what if his own wife do the same? Well, haven’t you hear the word ‘WHORE’ and ‘CHARACTERLESS’, called by society and her own husband?


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