IPS Pinky Pawar

“Why are you sobbing, Pinky? Please stop it, what happened? Tell me the reason?” I asked holding her shoulder.

“Akhil you know about my dream, aren’t you? But my mom doesn’t want to see me being successful. She didn’t even allow me to go for the exam of UPSC.” , she explained her problems sobbingly.

“What? What are you saying, baby? How can she…….? What the heck! Is she your mom or an enemy ? How can she do with you like this, yaar?”, I replied being disappointed.

“She is not my mom.”, she replied wiping her tears from her eyes.

“Have you gone mad or what? But as per my knowledge, you live with your mom dad and your twin brother.”, I asked surprisingly.

“No, she has adopted me from her brother since my infancy. Even she never allows me to visit my real parents. She doesn’t want to see me more successful than her only son.”, she replied being firmer in her voice.

IPS Pinky Pawar


Yes, Pinky Pawar one of my best friend, who has a dream to be an IPS officer since her school days. But her mom( not real) doesn’t allow her to study. Even she didn’t allow her to go for UPSC examination because she(mom) doesn’t want to look her(Pinky) more successful than her only son who just completed the engineering degree from a private college. Both of themPinky and her brother were the classmate and gave MHT-CET exam after 12th.Pinky got a good ranking to be enrolled in COEP Pune, and her brother couldn’t even get a good ranking to get at least private college. Pinky’s parents enrolled their only son in a private college by paying a huge amount of donations, but the adopted girl was not even allowed to pursue her degree in a government college despite her talent.

“Pinky, you just don’t worry and tell me one thing?”, I questioned holding her hands.


“Do you really want to get your dream come true? Just reply me in Yes or No.” I asked.

“Yes of course!”

“Then, don’t care about your parents. Just start preparing by self-study If you are adamant with your dream you will make it possible.”, I suggested her.

“Akhil they don’t allow me to study at home, whenever my mom looks me studying, she just takes my book and tells to work, to cook or to swipe the floor. Even she has already searched a boy for my marriage and now emphasizing me to marry him. When I denied, they scolded me and told,’ You are not my blood. Even then, I’m letting you get married by my expenses. You are a girl, wouldn’t give me money when you earn.”, she explained and again began to cry.

What was Pinky’s fault?Her fault was, she was a girl….not a girl only …an adopted girl actually. This is the case of adoption but in our country, most of the girls are not allowed to fulfill their dreams just because they are girls. Because there’s an Indian mentality about girl child if you make them pursue their higher education, then you will have to search an appropriate boy also. But they (bridegroom’s) will also ask for a huge amount of dowry. The better option would be, don’t make her study. Because of this crap mentality of our society, a lot of talent had been suppressed.

IPS Pinky Pawar


Let’s recall a quote said by Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai:-

‘One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.’

Here the word ‘child’ mentioned doesn’t mean only a male child. A female child has also equal rights to education.

*inspired by a real story. May God bless her with the efficacy to make her dream true.



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