It was the month of May , and on a fine morning I woke up early and walked out of my home to have a morning walk. I passed by the road and then I don’t know what happened to me. I just began asking questions to myself. I asked and responded to  myself. But there wasn’t the satisfaction in my answers. It was all about the excuses, which I replied.

“What are you doing in your life ?”, I asked myself.

“I’m pursuing Engineering.” , I responded to myself, “What else you wanna listen – don’t you know ?”

“Is it only to be an Engineer, your dream ?”

“No”, I became speechless after confessing.

“Did you forget your dream ?”, I asked

“What is my dream ?”

“Remember the day of your school days, when you had written in a diary, that you wanna inspire the people around you, you wanna motivate the people around you. Be it the study, a game or to read an inspirational book.” ,My inner soul tried to remind  me.

“Yes I had dreamed to be that, but . . . . .”, and once again I tried to give some excuses.

I was literally blabbering to myself at 5 o’clock in the morning. Somehow I managed to not look an insane to the people walking around me. And I decided to follow my heart instead of mind. I have always been a learner , a curious learner. Be it the study, life, spirituality, friendship, a mystic nature’s picturesque view or anything else.

I always try to do my best in every field, I know I’m not born to do everything. But I wanna do. I had never danced, not even on DJ or in Ganpati festival. But in the final year of my college, I made it to do some pathetic steps on the stage. I practiced and practiced, was made fun of the rigidity of my body by my friends, but I didn’t give up. The only thing I murmur to myself, “Akhilesh you can do it, and you have to do it.”

Since that early morning, I decided not to make excuses. Whatever I have (be it time , friends or money), I have enough to follow my heart and dream.

My friends always ask me what inspires me to write.

“Everything !”, I tell , “My Parents, friends, relatives and everyone around me inspires me to write. The panoramic and picturesque view of the Nature inspires me, the smell of the rains inspires me, falling foliage in autumn inspire me and the large mountains inspire me to go up and up.”

And moreover, if someone else inspires me to write, then that is YOU. Yes I’m talking about YOU only, my dear reader.

I remember when I wrote my first blog, and I sent the link to almost everyone I knew. I was just curious to know whether I write good enough to let my readers feel in the scene or not. And I got the average feedback like mistakes about the Grammar. For a moment I thought, “ Why do people bother so much about the English Grammar than Hindi ?” But the next moment I remembered “I’m a learner and I will always be.”

I learnt through their feedback and tried to improve, and improved too to some extent. When I wrote my next blogs, my friends applauded about the writing skills. But now those comments like (Nicely written, awesome , keep it up) irritate me. No one talks about the issues which I raised in my blogs, but few were there, who genuinely responded about the issues. I love them.

We are in the last days of the year and I’m observing the people cursing the year 2016. But for me, every year was the blissful one, and I learnt a lot through these years. And I’m quite grateful to this year 2016, which made me an Engineer and a Writer both. Why I preferred to say a Writer than a Blogger ?

Well, I’m both. Actually when people started applauding about my writing skills. I didn’t feel content with their comments. I wrote a story like a novel, and sent the manuscript to a publisher to check the skills of a writer in me. And it was approved and they asked me to send the full story but I denied.

Actually I don’t wanna write something to mere entertain the people. I have to write something which would inspire the people through the stories. And indeed I’m working on this project.  

I wanna travel the world. I wanna explore the Nature’s gifts. I wanna learn by theirs picturesque view. Sometime I become a virtual nemophilist and talk with the flora and fauna of the forest. I wanna learn not to complain from them. Sometimes I wanna walk on the beaches being a nelipot so that I can feel the touch of the sea and talk with that. I’m a kind of an  aesthete, I always wanna learn from the Nature. I always wanna interpret the story of them.

I was always a learner and I’ll always be.

Thank YOU so much my dear Readers to inspire me always.

Happy this year 2016, Happy new year 2017 !

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