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  • Why is Life So Mundane?: Why is Life So Mundane?

    Oh why o why o why

    Why is life so mundane?

    Why every morning,

    I need to get up,

    And brush my teeth?

    Why can’t I,

    Just watch out of my window,

    Gazing at Mother Nature’s beauty?

    Oh why o why o why

    Why is life so mundane?

    Why every day,

    I need to think about,

    What to be cooked at home?

    Why can’t someone else,

    Take care of this,

    At least for a day?

    Oh why o why o why

    Why is life so mundane?

    Why every night,

    Before going to bed,

    I need to ensure,

    Next day’s uniform and clothes,

    Are ironed and ready?

    Why can’t everyone,

    Take care of the same?

    Oh why o why o why

    Why is life so mundane?

    What will happen?

    If next morning,

    My eyes don’t open?

    I slip away,

    Like sand in your hand?

    Your life will continue as it is,

    My space will be empty,

    Sun will continue to shine,

    Birds will continue to chirp.

    Oh dear help me!

    Find reason of my existence!

    Let life be not so mundane!

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