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Helping People find their own true spirit and boosting them.

Personal Life Coaching

Living in this world, we all have problems (let it be anything). Sometimes we hide these problems with our loved ones and that creates the anxiety and worries..

Career Building

Modern World, full of glamorous career opportunity often make us confused to what career is good for us. We don’t see our real selves about what exactly our hearts want to do..

Career Advice

Standing at the mid of the road, but confused in which direction to move is the common problem which is usually faced by many people. Nowadays, youngsters are also facing a lot of problem

Goal Setting

Setting goals gives you an insight and leads you in the direction of travel which you need to be successful on any duty you are charged with.

Stress Management

Stress is the reaction of our body to situations that cause turmoil or create conflicts, and thereby threaten our happiness and well-being.

Relationship Coaching

Open, honest and safe communication is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship.

What Is Life Coaching?


Life coaching is mentoring the fellow candidates to walk on the right path with the right vision and dream in their heart. A Life coach acts just like the shepherd who guides his animals to walk on the right path to get their food.

What is the need of Life Coach?

Life is an unpredictable event full of vicissitudes. One may feel happy at one moment and sad at the next moment.  One may feel having fun at one moment and frustrated the next moment.

About Me

Hi, I’m Akhilesh Maurya AKA Mr. Booster, a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Founder of Boost Thyself. I was born and brought up in a tiny village of Bhadohi District in UP. After High School, I went to Pune for my study and completed my Engineering from Pune University. Belonging to a middle class family, I’ve witnessed the vicissitudes of Life and have always aspired to inspire people around the world through the experiences of my own Life.  A spiritual & incorrigible optimistic guy, I have always been inspired from the positive attitude of my mother. Aspiring to inspire the world since my childhood, an incident became the omen in my Life for the inception of Boost Thyself. The vision of Boost Thyself itself is to inspire people, motivate them and boost them towards a better Life.


If one asks me who inspired me to come far with my dreams, who gave me the confidence to step out, my answer will contain one name- Mr. Booster.

Kanchan Vallecha

Author, Educator, Ahmedabad

He is a person full of positivity, honesty, kindness, wisdom and all the good things that you can think about in life. He is somebody who would always look at a situation in a positive manner and never let you or anybody else ever feel anything negative about yourself or about anybody else. 

Sakshi Jain

Student, Chandigarh


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