Why is Life So Mundane?: Why is Life So Mundane?

Oh why o why o why

Why is life so mundane?

Why every morning,

I need to get up,

And brush my teeth?

Why can’t I,

Just watch out of my window,

Gazing at Mother Nature’s beauty?

Oh why o why o why

Why is life so mundane?

Why every day,

I need to think about,

What to be cooked at home?

Why can’t someone else,

Take care of this,

At least for a day?

Oh why o why o why

Why is life so mundane?

Why every night,

Before going to bed,

I need to ensure,

Next day’s uniform and clothes,

Are ironed and ready?

Why can’t everyone,

Take care of the same?

Oh why o why o why

Why is life so mundane?

What will happen?

If next morning,

My eyes don’t open?

I slip away,

Like sand in your hand?

Your life will continue as it is,

My space will be empty,

Sun will continue to shine,

Birds will continue to chirp.

Oh dear help me!

Find reason of my existence!

Let life be not so mundane!

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Why Boost Thyself?

It was the month of May and the sun was propagating extreme heat. Bored with studies, I just dozed off taking my book on my face.

“Hey Akhilesh, please wake up, wake up!” Pankaj screamed, trying to wake me up, in my dream.

And the next moment he hit me on my head, in my dream. I woke up and my phone got ringing.

“Hello?” I groggily asked.

“Akhilesh where are you? Just go to Aman’s college, he has done something…” He was not clear in his voice but it was enough to pull me out of sleep.

I woke up, locked my house and went to the parking to get my bike.

Once again my phone starts ringing. “What happened, I’m just going to college itself! Can you just stop calling now?”  I yelled at him.

And the moment after that was the most frightening for me when I heard his next words,

“Bhai jaldi ja na Aman ne kuch to kar liya hai college me…” he went speechless after this sentence as he was on the verge of crying. It made me too afraid and I went to college as it is near to my place.

But I didn’t find anything or anyone there and called him back.

“Bro, what happened? There’s nothing here”, I told him in an irritated tone.

“Just go to Government hospital. Aman is there.” And now he wasn’t just on the verge of crying, but he literally was crying.

I started my bike and went straight to Government hospital, and inquired about Aman there. And, the very next moment I was fired with a bunch of questions by a middle-aged man.

“Who was Aman to you? What was he doing?” His past tense sentences frightened me and I went speechless. Somehow I recollected myself to ask about Aman’s whereabouts.

“Aman killed himself!”

On hearing this sentence, tears rolled down my cheeks. And then I started firing questions at him. But instead of responding to my questions, he ushered me to a deserted area where there was only one room. He didn’t open the locked room, instead, he showed me the way of side windows and I instantly headed there.

 It was kind of creepy, as I had never seen this before. Glancing from the window, I saw Aman, who was sound asleep. His face had turned a shade of black darker than coal. His limbs were motionless. I shuddered to see that, but why did it make me shudder today? Am I dreaming? Or is Aman playing a prank with me? What’s going on God? Am I really dreaming? Oh God, let it be a dream only! I can’t bear this. I can’t see him in this situation.

Aman, a good friend of mine, had killed himself.

Yes, he committed suicide.


We all know- Stress, tension, frustration and what not.

He was the kind of guy who had promised me to never drink or smoke. He was an altruistic guy, who used to always be sad, seeing the sufferings of others. But how did he become a coward and committed such kind of act that he himself called cowardice?

Even today I shuddered to think of that moment. Yes, I was aware of his sufferings that he used to be in stress regarding his exams. I was aware of his every action but why didn’t I have any clue regarding this drastic a measure?

I started cursing myself that I couldn’t relieve his sufferings, I couldn’t make him positive. But after that incident, I understood something, “If you spare some of your time to a person who is tensed and worried, he would never commit such an act. Just be with him, listen to his problems and make him positive.”

And then I came up with an idea to start something that can alleviate the sufferings of people, and that can boost someone towards a better and positive life.

Everyone, directly or indirectly connected with me asks, “Why Boost Thyself? What is it all about?”


So here’s your answer:-

Boost Thyself is a venture where writers from different cities boost people towards a better life. Not only through blogs, but we also boost people with the help of short tales, quotes, and even motivational videos. We want to inspire everyone so that they follow their passion.

When you feel down or stressed just pack your bags and leave for a vacation. And travel, not just tour! Explore this beautiful world, explore the Nature’s beauty.

“This life is very beautiful my dear friend, you just need to get a little boost in your life to make it more beautiful.”


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Amazing Chemistry

As soon as we hear the word “Train”, the first picture which comes to our mind is of the Mumbai’s local train from our memories emanating from what we saw in the movies appearing on television where the train is full of people filled to the hilt, some people’s bodies protruding out of the compartment, some adjusting somehow within the space available but all eager to go to their intended destinations, may be office, may be home. I used to think what a difficult and terrible life it must be to risk one’s life traveling in such a rush. However, I used to long for train travel because of the fun involved in watching places pass by as the train speeds past those places.

Being born and brought up in a small town called Meerut and residing within a joint family, I never got a chance for the train journey. However upon completing my graduation, for our further studies, I got a chance to travel by train & that too, for a long journey of almost 24 hrs. Can you imagine my excitement? It was equal to that person who has never seen the sea or felt the waves but is excited about the first touch of sea waves to the bare naked foot, to the body and walking on the beach with footwear held in one’s hands.

The only difference between what I am going to describe now and earlier memories of local train being was that the train ticket was already booked and we were certainly not going to hang from the door of the train. So I started the preparation of train journey in right earnest with the zeal of a kid and began thinking that I would be seated beside the window and will read my favourite novel sipping a cup of hot tea, would watch the beautiful scenery passing by, listen to my favourite songs and would alight on each and every railway station to have a look on what are the eatables, snacks that are on offer. And my ultimate and most dangerous dream was to hold on to the handle of the entrance of the train compartment and peep out and feel the gush of wind.

And finally the day arrived, when I started my journey from Meerut to Delhi and thereafter from Delhi to Pune. As the final destination was Pune and there was no direct train connectivity from Meerut to Pune, so we needed to catch the train from Delhi itself. Hence, we hired a taxi for travel from Meerut to Delhi. In all, we were seven girls, out of which, four were from Meerut and three from Delhi.

My father did the job of booking a taxi for all four of us. My father knew the taxi driver, so the anxiety over the girls’ and especially her daughter’s safety was taken care of. But at the last minute, the taxi driver did not turn up due to some reason.

Now we and our family members were anxious as to how would we reach Delhi in time to catch the train from Delhi to Pune. Finally, we decided to travel by train. However, though the tickets were not booked in advance, still we had to travel immediately because the train journey from Delhi to Pune was already planned.

As travel by train from Meerut to Delhi was a last minute decision, so somehow we reached Meerut railway station, and as soon as reached there, we, small town girls were witness to a huge swathe of people walking, running here and there from one platform to other in search of their train, their seats/berths, some rushing to the enquiry counters for enquiring about the actual arrival time of their trains and so forth. We were amazed and at the same time afraid of the rush but there was no other way to avoid the rush and still be able to catch the train, so we bought the tickets and boarded the train, that was full to the brim. Somehow we adjusted our luggage, now the important issue was where to sit or stand as there was absolutely no space at all. Imagine I am traveling in a train for the first time in our lives and were witness to a spectacle of a jam-packed compartment where there was no space to even stand, let alone sit. Being girls, we were feeling a little awkward but we had no option but to somehow adjust ourselves in the crowd. So wherever we got some space, we adjusted ourselves. The compartment had such a scene- I was standing in front of a seat which would normally accommodate 6 people in all but almost 22 were sitting, on lower as well as on upper berth.

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Then as the train started, we somehow waved our hands and bade good-bye to our beloved family members. My mom, who had come to see us off, was sobbing. At that moment I had a thought as to why the hell I was going away from my sweet home and that too almost 1400 kilometers away. Gradually, the train gathered speed and thereafter the people started adjusting themselves in whatever little space they could find and with the feel of the wind, now it was a little bit more comfortable.

I was standing so were my three friends though we were a bit far away from each other. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, one young lad stood up and offered me his seat. Although at first, I said no, later on, I thanked him with a little smile and took the seat.

In the mean while, people were already in the process of conversation with their newly found co-traveller friends. There was one traveler who seemed to me to be Pandit Ji type, aged around 40, most probably from Uttar Pradesh, quite talkative he was talking in full volume and heartily laughing and joking. Out of nowhere, he seemed to start his stories. Here we all were, with no space to even stand and there he was telling stories and delighting himself as well as his fellow travelers. He somehow seemed to make us forget our immediate troubles and worries. His sense of humor was remarkable. One young man who was sitting exactly in front of me, maybe of the same age group as mine, was also enjoying jokes and all, and after some time almost all passengers were involved in delighting to his jokes and everyone was laughing heartily. The young boy also had a good sense of humor, he never forgot to comment after each and every sentence of Pandit Ji, and that sentence created even more humor.

Now almost everybody was enjoying including me and in between we both (young boy and myself) unknowingly and innocently created a sweet relation between both of us. After each and every sentence of his, we started looking at each other and laughing heartily. In the revelry, I almost forgot my other three friends. As our chemistry matched, we started enjoying more. Now we reached a situation where we both were conversing as if we knew each other for a long time and we both started predicting the reaction of other to the joke or a sentence which the other was saying. While looking at each other we got to know, what will be the reaction and in between we were bit avoiding each other too because we know if we look and at each other then we can’t control on our laugh. In the merrymaking, we did not realize that the journey was about to finish. We felt as if it was too short a journey which should be prolonged and go on and on.

Amazing chemistry

As we reached the New Delhi Railway station, now the hurdle was taking out our luggage which was on a slightly heavier side and getting off from the train amidst that heavy rush. Somehow I started to pull my bag from the seat below and that guy came forward to help me and removed and carried my luggage and put it down on the platform as well. Now came the time to say good bye to that guy, and it was like I knew him from ages but still did not know his name even. On the other side, my mind was thinking about how to catch the next train. So in a hurry, I passed him a smile, thanked him and said goodbye. The moment I said bye, he put forward his hand and we shook hands and said bye once again. Thereafter, as I became busy in collecting the luggage and finding my other three friends, for a moment a thought ran across my mind -shall I ask his name or number?, where he is going, what he is studying but on a second thought, I realized why to enquire so much as we both were probably not going to meet again. So I thought it was better leaving it here. Neither did he ask my name or number and nor did I.

Now it was time to undertake the longer journey from New Delhi to Pune, our final destination. We located the platform from where our train for Pune was slated to leave and started to settle in yet another train. Now it was quite easy as our seats were reserved. We possessed full seat space and were feeling more comfortable. Now I was on seventh heaven being on my dream seat, that is the window seat, but whatever I had planned earlier for me, I was not in a mood to do. Neither did I want to read a novel nor have tea. At that moment I was reminiscing the lovely time which I had just spent with that boy and just wanted to relive and go back in those moments and how I wished it should have never finished.

But in my mind, I knew it was not possible to carry on that sweet little chirpy relationship as that moment had passed now. And now I was feeling as if my heart was empty. Even now, after 12 years still those wonderful happy moments are live in my heart and I know they would always remain with me. Even now after 12 years, as soon as I remember those moments, automatically a smile brightens my face. Such lively and wonderful moments those were. I think that relationship was not an attraction between a boy and girl, even we didn’t try to impress each other, we just enjoyed and relished that time. I think I can give a sweet name to the relationship-‘bina matlab ka pyra rishta’.


Even now I still wish, if God ever gives me a second chance to live any moment of my past life, surely I would like to relive those moments. And in my inner heart, I wish he somehow gets hold of this story of mine and reads it and contacts me. I am waiting for that miracle to happen as I know miracles do happen in life. And even if the miracle does not occur, I have no regrets or sorrow in my heart as I know those were simple happy moments between two same aged, young and like-minded individuals who were simply having fun and making the most out of that otherwise boring train journey jam-packed with people everywhere. Neither am I dying to meet that guy.


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A Letter to my Soul!

Dear soul,

I wonder if you know what you’re doing. I wonder if you know how life will change once you give yourself to someone else; hand yourself over to someone completely different from you.

My soul, my dear soul, I wonder if you know what LOVE could do to you.


Yes, you will be the happiest. You will fall a hundred times or more. You will be short of words to fathom your feelings. You will feel ecstatic and exuberant. You will feel that you are being cherished, and every moment you spend with that person will feel like larger than your lifetime and simply ‘perfect’.

But you will also sometimes not feel any of these.

Dear soul, I hope you know that in the process of handing yourself over to someone new, you’re also taking a potential risk. You’re letting yourself in something that is unknown and something that has a slight possibility of making you feel vulnerable. I’m not warning you, I’m neither threatening you – I’m just letting you know.

Just like you feel that you can’t choose right now, that you can’t decide, I also feel helpless and I can’t lose you.

But, know that love is beautiful and thorny. Just like a rose perfectly symbolizes pain and happiness, love too blends both of them together swiftly.

You will not be alone. Even if you do not talk to the person all day, you will feel connected. You will feel a universe of happiness originating in yourself, and crossing boundaries and more, when you are with the person. You will (literally) be flying high.
But again, on some days you will want to fall off from your bed, slit your wrist, slap yourself, yell at your crying face in the mirror and on those days you will come to hate yourself. But then again, these are the days when you will have to decide.
You have to take up the power of decision.
Unlike what you think, my dear soul – you will have a choice.

You can decide.

Probably not now. Probably, you want it all now and you’re willing to fall into it, fall for it.
But years, months, days or probably even if hours later, you find yourself in a wrong place and your gut tells you that it’s not worth it – LEAVE.

It’s not a mistake to leave. It’s a conscious choice.
However, do not leave just because you think it is an easier choice to make. Because love is about war and cuddle, wrapped up into one cloth.
You cannot always be smiling when you’re going to be with another person. Fights will happen. You may be upset, or your partner may be upset. But remember, that is when the real test starts.
You have to stand strong and learn to fight. Even though you are allowed to leave, sometimes you have to TRY to see if you COULD stay back. But any decision you take, DO NOT compromise on your happiness. Ever.

I’ve heard this in a famous Hindi movie, “some days it’ll be 50-50 and some other days it’ll be 90-50”. You gotta beat through the wild, uncanny, and savage things to root out the beautiful, tender, and sweet fruits. Always.
My dear soul, take care of yourself. Through everything and anything you will have me.
Now that you’re in your abode of a new person – now that you have handed yourself over to someone else – I feel lonely, yet I’m your only mate and your only fate.
I will love you always.
Take care.
Yours Forever,

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Don’t loose HOPE!

I.A.S – Indian Administration Services.

They are not only three words for some, but a lifestyle for them!

UPSC conducts this examination every year and each and every youngster wants to crack this prestigious examination in the very first attempt. People who try hard and do a lot of hard work succeed.

It was the Monday morning when the result of UPSC was to be announced and people were waiting for this day. I was just sitting behind a very talented person, but to my surprise, he was not happy and was only saying ‘I am such a loser’. I was very keen to know what happened but, then I realized who am I to interfere in someone else’s life? But to my utter surprise, he asked me if I can get him a glass of water. After giving him water, I asked him, “What happened?” He said, “It was my last attempt in UPSC and I did not get selected, and also my brother is an I.A.S officer and I wanted to be a part of that job.”
I told him that I knew a person who could help him out in this situation. He surprisingly asked me, “Whom are you talking about?”
I said, “Dr.Vijay Agarwal.”
Before I could utter a single word, he asked, “Life management Guru Dr. Vijay Agarwal?”
“Yes!”, I replied.

Don't loose hope

Thank the Lord, he had a phone at that time. Without wasting a single minute, he called him and told him everything.
Since Dr.Vijay Agarwal is a down to earth person he never ignores anyone’s call but it would depend on how available he was. His luck was awesome that the Doctor answered his call.

He told him that it’s not necessary that I.A.S is the only job which would give you respect and power. There are many jobs, and you are well educated because you are an IAS aspirant and a very good speaker. You have deep knowledge about everything. You are an avid reader of ‘The Hindu’ and you are still saying that you are a loser?

Dr. Vijay Agarwal gave him immense positivity and he decided that he will apply for the job of an anchor in the news channel. And now he runs his own channel. And he thanked Dr. Vijay Agarwal for this!

“Speed and Direction are more important in everyone’s life because many are going nowhere fast!”

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Happy Legacy!

I have a happy legacy.

I asked my mom, “What is that one thing you want that I have?”

And she said, “I want to be happy like you always are. No matter what goes on in your life, you have a smile plastered on your face, and you never let anything get to you.”

And the first thought after she told me that was –

This comes so naturally to me, that I failed to even notice this is my trait, my characteristic. And then I came to realize, that not everyone is this happy.

Which brings me to question –

Why is sadness so relatable?

Why does a heartbroken post gets so many views, shares and likes?
Why is sadness so overrated?
Why when you feel anything bad, sad, unhappy, do you feel the urge to say SO TRUE?
And then you become a little happy as to someone is going through the same shit you are. Someone has put into words you may never have thought that could be expressed so well.

Happy legacy

‘Cuz only after we’re sad do we appreciate the happier things in life.

Just like my favorite quote says, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights.”
Like how there’s a bright day waiting at the end of every dark night.
Is it symbolic?
What harm is there in hoping?
In WANTING to be happy.
In wanting to STAY happy.

No, I am not strong that nothing ever bothers me. It does. I have fallen prey to sadness more times than I would care to admit, but I rise from it like how a phoenix rises from it’s flames.

We can always find something to smile about if we really, whole-heartedly look for it.

The hug you get from your best friend after a fight,
The make-up kiss with your boyfriend,
The ‘I am sorry’ you hear during the make-up,
The grade you have always wanted is there on your paper,
The proud smile your parents wear when you do something,
Something as simple as dressing up before going out,
Someone randomly complimenting your hairstyle,
Coming home to your favorite food,
Or JUST coming back home.

Happy Legacy

Happiness comes at the most random times especially, when you least expect it.

I know when I wrote this article I also meant to say that sadness is equally necessary, because the happier times won’t seem so happy anymore.
But don’t go searching for sadness.

All I know is when you are really truly happy, you spread it to 10 other people you meet in the day, and they carry the legacy forward.
And this same thing, goes for people who are sad, who get angry or upset at minor or petty things.

So let’s begin a search for the happy posts, the happy shares, the feel good stuff and we might even find more things to actually smile about.
And every person we meet, goes ahead with a smile to make 10 more smile.

Let’s turn on the light when it feels we absolutely can’t, and let’s ALL have a happy legacy.

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Generation Gap!

It was another pleasant morning in my favourite city, Pune. Normally for the whole year, except for a few days, mornings and evenings are very pleasant accompanied with a cool swaying breeze. And being a Delhiite originally, I attach a high value for this type of weather though for Punekars, it’s not so special.

It is my daily routine. I get up early in the morning, finish my morning household chores and get ready for my walk, dressed up in shorts and t-shirt, tighten my shoe laces, tie a pony tail, and take my IPod and ear phones and start from my place.

Normally I walk 4-5 km every day. Hardly 2.5 km from my house, there are hills or rather, very beautiful hills, which attract me everyday towards them! I just want to be near them every day.

The season was rainy, the weather- awesome and luckily at that moment, the rain had stopped for a few hours, may be as if for my walk. I had switched on my favourite music number and started jogging and walking, off and on. Soon I realized that I was just a small distance away from my destination and was happy to see the nice view of sky and hills, dotted with mist.

hilly area


Normally, while walking, I wish with a smile on my face to my known acquaintances or you can say my street smart walking friends. We only have a relation of a morning greet, that’s it. And from the last 2-3 days one face was added in my list, one senior Sikh Uncle, in a white Kurta Pajama, with a good build and a long white beard.

After few minutes, I was tired and had slowed down. On the other side of the pathway, the same Sikh Uncle was coming back, we noticed each other and greeted and suddenly he crossed the road and came near to me. I folded my hands and said Satshriakaal, he replied in the same manner and started talking with me in Punjabi Language, because he got to know that I am a Punjabi too, as soon as I greeted him with Satshriakaal.

In another few seconds, I noticed a senior lady standing behind me; I turned towards her and noticed that this face was new to me. After that Uncle had finished talking, he bade Goodbye to me and left.

Then that lady started talking and told me,” I was watching both of you and stopped here because I was thinking, why has this man interrupted your walk and is talking with you.” This is not good; these people are like this only”.

She gave me some valuable few tips on women safety. I nodded my head in agreement, offered my thanks to her and said Goodbye and then I walked away.

I was very happy for the simple reason that even though I didn’t know the lady prior to the brief talk of today, she still had so much concern for me. I felt that well intentioned people still exist on the planet. She was getting involved in my life without my permission, and I was feeling good, because her intention was good.

While walking, a thought was continuously coming in my mind… is involvement by strangers good or bad? If I would have been in her place, certainly I would not have stopped in that situation. When even my generation couldn’t do it and how can we expect our next generation to find this kind of good natured, well intentioned people, or can I say these type of people with a concerned /helping attitude.

I was continuously thinking, will our youngsters like these type of un-invited people involving themselves in other’s life or will they show this type of concern for others.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the positive involvement and finished my walk happily.


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The Fearless!

When life gives frog-kicks,

You don’t know, how to fix,

Trust my darling, it’s the time to apply lipsticks,

Fall in love with torned jeans,

Work to get the deserving cheques,


Flee like a honey-bee,

Away from the worldly affairs,

Go for the abs or for the fat, 

Life is yours, give your best,

Want a tattoo? Go ahead,

And stop believing the societal affairs,

Be credible, be lovable, but always remember to be UNFORGETTABLE!

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You need to live not to just survive!

Mind, Thoughts, Facts.

Well big words, aren’t they? And never aligned (at least for me) or rather we keep juggling to align them all the time and then we try to find happiness and peace. Then we get stuck with thoughts, bitter truths and somehow manage to keep ourselves grounded and try to bring focus to our life.

Focus! On what? We don’t know! Something which keeps changing and well it’s not changing because we achieved the first goal. It changes as per age or situation or some thought!

So more or less, have you got what I am trying to say? Are we on the same page? Do you hear these lines very often. Well, I do hear them, and all who are working in corporates, might hear these as well or service sector folks. And all those who are stuck in that rat race where goal is not known but competition exists, politics exists and no one can shy away from that! That’s a fact so better accept it, and then a thought comes, ‘Why am I in this rat race? Am I not happy in what I am doing currently? Is it mandatory that I have to get promoted every next year? Is it that the skill that I had earlier is no more valuable, and I have to keep learning and unlearning new skills? Till when? Till I retire or the organization says we don’t need you anymore or I am not fit for this because this is not my liking however, this is how I earn money. Voila! The answer is Money, but I can earn it without getting promoted or without competition too, isn’t it?’

Alive or just Surviving

A big NO! Because someone keeps a watch on you to find your replacement. Why? Don’t they have another job to do or that’s their job? Gosh! Where are we stuck? And how can we find happiness out of all this?

And now, there are some new voices around. Find friends at your workplace and then they come up with engagement with the organization and I am not sure whether all this works towards making us work or make us like work which we really don’t or fight odds at the workplace. And then, some people give it a name as the midlife crisis.

So I am sure, everyone might think once in a while whether am I doing right job or doing things which I like? I have already crossed 30’s or 40’s and still stuck doing something which I am not really enjoying. If you are not thinking this, you are really blessed to be in a profession which is your hobby or your passion too. However, if you are the one who keeps thinking this, please take a pause.

May be, a week leave from work! I am sure even if you can’t manage to quit your job next moment you can surely manage to take leave.

Take out that time.

Write down your hobbies or your passion. Why? Well, that’s how you will get a little bit of certainty because when it’s only in mind you may only end up watching tv, listening to music, waking up late. Just be lazy for the whole week and at the end of your leave, you will again drag yourself to work saying, “What a week wasted and whole lot work and now, I have to do overtime!”


So take a deep breath. Pen down your hobbies. How would you really like to spend your time if you weren’t working or you didn’t have pressure to earn money. (You are born with silver spoon! Imagine karne main kya jaata hai) And once you write it, there might be few scribbles, few to be stricken out as they are not the ones which you really want to do.

And, yes you got the list to do!

Surely, there is smile on your face.

So read the list again and, find which is that one thing which can be easily managed the very next day, and this week when you are on a leave.  Something like just sitting, watching a movie or just sipping tea while reading newspaper and no one bothering you. Maybe at some resort or near a lake or the balcony of your house.

Just go ahead and do it! One tickmark!

Don’t you feel good?

There might be a few in the list where you need to talk to few people, search nearby locations, google search something like learning to drive, learning to sing, learning to skate or going for a trek, finding a group with similar hobbies etc.

Go ahead! Keep a target date and well don’t think it’s too late or if you are at the right age, or what would people say. Please don’t trouble yourself with these questions.

Just do it. It’s your life! And you should be happy and content with what you have done in your life. Well, what you do for others, is their choice whether to remember or forget, but what you do for yourself, you will always cherish.

Sometimes you get a friend or partner or parents who supports you in your journey. Sometimes it’s against their wish but it’s okay!

Certain decisions are wrong but, you can always learn from it. Somethings can’t be reversed or changed. Time gone can’t be brought back but there’s still time, time till you are living.

Live life the way you want! Do things you like!

Yes live, don’t just survive!

Live the journey called life and, Smile!

And hey, well, what about my job? My work and my money? Well, it’s there. So enjoy. Relax. You are still learning. Be happy that you still have potential to earn and learn.

The whole thing is that along with work, along with your duties towards your family, along with friends and family time, do manage your “ME” time.

And you will be Happy about your Life, your Journey!


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Unfurl The New YOU?

Estimated Reading Time :- 1.5 mins

Thinking you are flawed,

Then change into absolute.

Thinking you are abrasive,

Then change into gladden.

Why to limit you?

When you can create your own hue.

Like a newly blossomed flower,

Show your power.

You are born to touch the sky,

So, dare to fly.

Challenge your capabilities

And make your own identity!

unfurl the new you

If you want to go to a place you have never been to, you need to do something you have never done.

Take flight, fly to your paradise.

A place that you can call your own.

A place you will finally belong to!

Dare to dream,

Because your faith is bigger than your fear,

And your flight will be higher than faith!

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